Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Watching Summer Fade Into Fall

Fall is far and away my favorite time of year. Football games, leaves changing, cute boots... Really, what's not to love?

I especially love the slow change where the heat from the summer dies down and you slowly fade into fall.

For some reason in Illinois, that "slow fade to fall" lasted about two days. Literally. Considering our fall is following a summer where in July we didn't have a single day that hit 90 degrees, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I really think it will be a cold winter.

So this weekend Jay, the girls, my mom and I headed to Tanners to have some fall fun. It seemed a tad more like winter to me but we enjoyed ourselves none-the-less.

We enjoyed some cider doughnuts... YUM... Rode ponies (well, Addi did)... Played at their playground... and picked out pumpkins.
Hopefully winter slows down just a tad. I'd like to go outside without a coat once or twice!

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