Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anger Management - Kindergarten Edition

Of the two girls, Samantha has definitely been the more laid back one to date. She's usually happy to cuddle, whiny as all get out, but easy to sway to what you really want her to do.

Last week, something changed.  I see court ordered anger management classes in her (hopefully) distant future. It's hard to believe with a face like this that she has so much fire inside of her, but it's there.
My first glimpse was on Saturday, when she accidentally hit her knee on her bookshelf.  She was crying hard, and you could tell it really, truly hurt.
Sam: It hurts SO BAD Mommy! I want to punch something! [tears]
Me: Here Sam, hit this pillow [hands it to her]
Sam: [throwing pillow at me] NO! It hurts too bad! [tears with a few sniffles]
Me: OK, here. [hands her a blanket] Punch this blanket.
Sam: [tears stop and eyes narrow in] NO! That's my favorite blanket.  NOW I WANT TO PUNCH YOU!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, Sam had to do her share of picking up the basement. There was still some rogue packing peanuts floating around and it looked like a drunk monkey ran through and messed up all the toys.  She decided that HER share was to pick up two pieces of paper and leave the rest to her sister.
Me: Sam, you are not leaving this basement until it's cleaned up.
Sam: I guess I will just die down here then since I have to stay here forever!
[runs upstairs crying that she is super mistreated and she really has to go potty]

... ten minutes go by, and Sam heads back downstairs...
Me: Hi Sam. Do you feel better now?
Sam: NO! I'm SO MAD AT YOU because you made me cry, and now my throat hurts! You are NOT NICE!
I really hope those horns are there just to hold up the (missing) halo.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The sticky situation

This year we did the majority of our Christmas shopping online. Convenient, cheaper in some cases, and I never had to get out of my yoga pants. 

All of the conveniences were ruined one Saturday afternoon when I made the mistake of leaving the kids upstairs while I wrapped presents in the basement and Jay was outside shoveling snow.   After about an hour, I headed upstairs. What I found could give someone with OCD nightmares for weeks. 

The girls and two friends were making snow angels. In my dining room. With hundreds and hundreds of packing peanuts spread all over my floor.  The girls made sure to shred as much of the styrofome into the carpet as they could - this helped with the authenticity of the the snow.  

Online shopping may not be for us. 

She lets her imagination run wild

Between the two girls, today Sam has the more active imagination.  She seems to come up with things that are totally crazy, but the difference between her and Addi is that Addi's imagination usually cost me money and we accompanied by several eye rolls. 

A few days ago Sam was in the shower and I was reading on my phone. When I looked up, this is what I saw. 
I said, "Wow Sam, the Barbies needed a bath too, huh?"  She looked up and said, "Oh, they are just going for a walk in the rain."

I laughed when I saw that they did in fact look like they were in the rain. A few minutes later they were tired, so they all decided to rest for a bit. 
Well, all except the white one in the middle. She was walking on the horse treadmill to get more exercise. 

After their nap they all loaded into the car/carriage and headed home. 

Good, clean fun. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Beginnings

I have a love for New Years.  Not the party or the food, although that part is pretty great, but for the new beginnings.  I love getting a new day planner for work, I love getting new calendars for the house, and I love the idea that I can make resolutions that will better my life.

This year, I'm focusing on being healthier in every way I can.  I want a healthier relationship with the kids and Jay, a healthier body, a healthier outlook on life, and a healthier relationship with God.  I also want to do the things I enjoy as often as possible, like scrapbooking, blogging, writing, traveling, and laughing as often as possible. 

Now, 2013 was a great year for so many reasons, as well as trying in a lot of others.  As usual I over committed myself to a lot of things, and I didn't get to blog nearly as often as I'd liked to.  So, to catch up and start the new year off with a clean slate, here's a recap of my year.

We played in the snow.
Addi turned 7, lost some teeth, and got some pet fish. And she had a great date to the daddy daughter dance.
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and by the grace of God is cancer free, 6 months later. No pictures needed for this one.
The girls and I went to Texas to visit great friends and play with some pugs. And on the flight home, we met the real and true Santa.  He even gave Addi his business card.
We sat on our patio and had some fruity drinks.
We went to Six Flags with the kids, scaring the crap out of them with their first real roller coaster, and went to the City Museum for the first time.
Sam graduated from Preschool and started kindergarten.
I was in a zombie movie. No, really. 
I convinced Jenny to do another run with me - this time it involved 5 miles, 25 obstacles, and a ton of mud.
Jay and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  Hard to believe it's been that long.
Sam got her first pedicure.
Addi had surgery to remove a cyst from her collar bone, and we were all relieved to find out it was benign.
Addi and I completed her first run, a 1 miler, and she was thrilled.  She also beat me.

The next morning, a EF 4 tornado hit the town we did the run in, and several friends lost everything.  I was humbled by all the help the girls' school families gave to strangers. It reiterated our choice to send them to Catholic school.

All 29 Ralphs met in French Lick, IN to go on the Polar Express and spend a great weekend together, kicking off the Christmas season.

And we celebrated Christmas and New Years, enjoying almost every minute.

Happy New Year!

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