My Branch

Hello! I'm Stephanie, mother of two, wife, daughter, and craft-a-holic. I work in corporate America, drive my husband crazy with my crazy ideas and non-stop talking, and love being a mom.

Being creative is in my blood... I grew up in a home where my parents had were always crafting - leather goods, sewing, taxidermy, wood work, quilting, Indian bead work, Christmas ornaments... There was always a hot glue gun plugged in or a mess on the kitchen table.

If you asked me 10 years ago where I would be in life, I'm pretty sure I would not have described my life today. But in reality, my world is so much better than I could have dreamed. I'm a Purdue Boilermaker, a scrapbooker, a runner (if you can call it that), a friend, a writer, and a Christian. I'm good at telling jokes and bad at grocery shopping, and I married someone who was way out of my league.  Not only does he cook and do all the grocery shopping, but he's an amazing father and my best friend, and he is by far the world's best vacation planner.  He also frequently indulges my craft whims and many of my best pieces are inspired by him.

When it comes to my life, family comes first. Our family tree isn't perfect... In fact, you might say our "branch" is a tad bit crooked. It's a good thing the most unique trees are often the most beautiful.
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