Monday, February 28, 2011

'Ear's looking at you, kid

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl named Addison.  And this girl loved her family, loved black olives, and loved being loud, but more than probably anything in the world, she loved her pacifiers.

She gave them up, but like any true celebrity, had several relapses. 

(She also feels for Charlie Sheen.  She knows how hard it is to give something up.  And to always be told to put your clothes back on.  It's just a cruel, cruel world sometimes.)

One day, Addi's mom had simply had enough.  She finally gave in and said, "If you throw your paci's in the garbage, you can get your ears pierced."  She didn't check with the dad, she just made this empty promise, knowing Addi would again relapse and she'd eventually send her to college wiith a paci.

Well, it's been several months since that fateful night and she tossed the paci's and never looked back.  So, this past weekend I finally owned up to my promise and off we skipped to Claires.  Her only requirement was that her Grandma Kathy take her, as I was taken by MY grandma when I was five and she wanted to continue the tradition.  I called Jay to ask if he minded that we do this while he was out of town and he said, "Nope, why don't you do it on Friday so she's done crying before I get home Sunday night."  Such a joker.

First, Addi got to pick out her earrings.  Her choice:  Pink flowers.
Next, her hair was pinned back and her ears were cleaned and marked.
We made sure to take a family photo before the earrings went in.  You know, just in case Jay was right.
Then, while she hugged her cat Crystal, the earrings went in.
[deleted: unflattering pictures of Addi crying.  But honestly, there was only one.  She did great.]

And, her BFF Jill was there the whole time, calming her down.  What a great friend. A new Justin Beiber necklace purchased by Grandma helped the tears stop as well.
And finally, the group enjoyed their suckers.  It was rough on them all.
She's already asked for her ears to be double pierced, just like mine.  I don't dare tell her I actually have seven earrings in my ears and [had] one in my belly button.  Lord knows what she'd ask for next.


What 102 degrees looks like on a Sunday night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank goodness for Sam's Club

This week had unexpectedly become really hectic at the Ralph house. Jay had been working really long hours and our kids have discovered a ridiculous amount of energy.

Some might call it negative energy (like me and the poor patrons of Target who saw Addi's wrath on Tuesday). But sometimes it's just energy that isn't necessarily good or bad.  Ready, it's just messy.

So after just a few days I have so much more respect for single parents. I'm tired, the dishes are piling up and I'm running out of paper towels.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first vacation day of 2011

About a year ago, Jenny and I and a few other friends decided that this being Oprah's last season, we really needed to try to get tickets to her show.  The plan was to get tickets, freak out, drive to Chicago, stay the night in a hotel and enjoy a girl's night out, go to the show looking amazing, and drive home in our new cars we just knew Oprah would bestow on us.

A few weeks ago we all put in for tickets again (the window of opportunity is extremely short) and again did not get chosen.  Then, Jenny (aka Oprah website stalker extraordinaire) saw another chance to get last minute tickets and put in for them.  She got an email back a few days later asking her to pick one friend and head to Chicago for a taping.  She called me, we both completely freaked out, and then the planning began.

This past Thursday Jenny and I checked into a Chicago hotel and pondered our show topic over dinner and drinks. Then in what can only be described as giddiness, we headed to bed and woke up ready to meet our new best friend Oprah.

We were not disappointed.  We looked great, met some great people in line and were Facebook friends with them before even getting into the studio, and enjoyed over an hour of sitting 6 feet from Oprah.  Our show turned out to be a webisode so it was a bit different than we expected but all in all the experience was amazing.

And no, we did not get anything for free.  Aside from great memories!

Waiting in line
 Despite being February, the day could not have been nicer
 After the show
 Our new friends Tommy and Kate.  LOVE her jacket
 Yes, I'm that cool.

The few... the proud... the pink

Each Monday (assuming she's healthy) Addi participates in her ballet/tap/tumbling class.  This last Monday we had a second "Parents Watch" week where we could observe the kids and see what exactly we are paying for.

The girls are really preparing for their recital in June so it was great to see what they are actually doing.  I gave serious consideration to posting a video of the girls dancing but I want everyone to be surprised at the actual recital and most importantly I don't want anyone else to have to go through life like me with the constant hum of "Spunky the Monkey" running through your head.  So, here are a few pictures and observations we made on Monday.  Enjoy.

Observation 1:  The girls did a great job paying attention for most of the class.  There was no nose picking this go round but at one point Jay asked if spinning in a circle was the equivalent to chasing butterflies in the outfield.  I think YES.

 Observation 2:  Addi really does enjoy the class, much to our bank account's dismay.
 Observation 3:  Sam really can't go more than a few minutes without eating.
And Observation 4:  I am surprised at how excited I am for the June recital.  I always knew Addi would end up on a stage, but knowing there will be no pole in sight really kind of chokes me up.  ;)

A tad behind

Life, work, learning a shop job, kids, running, ballet class, and Oprah.  Those have all consumed my life lately.  Slowly, I'll catch back up with the blog.  Til then invisible friends... Don't hold your breath waiting. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

And the party went on...

On Saturday, we stepped into unchartered waters.  We had our first kids-that-we-don't-know-but-Addi-does-come-to-her-birthday party.  So basically, an afternoon where earplugs are very much needed.

First, we played some pin-the-cutie-mark on the My Little Pony.  After some tears, the girls got it.  And Sam was by far the most enthusiastic player.  I caught her playing several times by herself.  In the dark.
  Then we burned some energy on the bouncer. 
 And some pinata fun followed.
 And thanks to my bestie Jenny, we actually got several pictures of the day including a cute family one.
Then the random kids left and Mommy finally got a beer.  And enjoyed the rest of the day and night with good friends, family, and this adorable girl.
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