Friday, October 2, 2009

She can't handle the "tooth"

On Tuesday Addi went for her second dentist appointment. She was very excited and climbed right on up to the chair, asking for the sunglasses they gave her last time.

At her first appointment they told us she had some touchy spots so we went in with fingers crossed. But apparently luck wasn't enough for Addi - the dentist told us she had three cavities and we needed to have them filled. Eek! Since we use the possibility of shots as a reason for Addi to behave (ie: don't jump off the table, you could get hurt and have to go to the hospital to get a shot!) I was really hoping they could skip that part. And they said they could use gas. Whew!

This morning Addi yelled from the bathroom that she had put on some makeup for her dentist appointment. You'd think this look would scare the cavities right out of her teeth but no such luck.

After we got to the dentist Addi proudly posed for her "before" picture (in an outfit she picked out on her own). And yes, our dentist has a two story waterfall inside.

Once they called Addi's name she jumped right in the chair and waved hello to the dentist. She was even happier after they gave her some "happy air."

Addi was a total champ and sat still while they filled all of her cavities. She only got squirmy towards the end but once she was done skipped through the office with her hygienist, picking out a free toy.
Since she couldn't eat before the appointment we went to Panera for a snack. Addi got some hot chocolate and a bear claw and was super friendly to everyone, making her mommy very very proud.

And while I'd like to end this with " and we lived happily ever after", in reality five minutes later Addi threw a fit because she didn't like the whipped cream on her drink, I wrongfully ate a bite of her snack, the men in Panera were "laughing at me Mommy!" while she was laying on the ground throwing a tantrum, and she was cold. She was also tired and sick and didn't want to go to school.
If only they gave "happy gas" to the parents, too.

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