Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Recovering from Christmas

Well, we made it! Christmas was full of driving and traveling but it was a great time with family and friends. We went to Indy on Saturday, did the Young family Christmas, then visited with family and friends the rest of the weekend. On Christmas Eve, we went to the Sensmeier's house and Santa came. Addi was very excited to see him from afar, but had no interest in being close to him. She wouldn't sit on his lap but was more than happy to give him a fist bumb. Mostly, she picked her nose the whole time.

Christmas day we slept in, then went to Jay's aunt's house for more family time. We had already opened up our presents at home so life was relaxed all day Tuesday. Today we drove home and put together Addi's new kitchen, a gift from grandpa Gene (aka pop-pop).

All in all, great time as a family! Now we have to unpack, do laundry, and get back to the real world. We are all home until the 2nd and hope to relax some before going back to work!

Hope it was a great day for everyone else!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Why am I posting on a Monday morning when I should be at work? Two words... cough and fever. Addi is sick, has been most of the weekend so I am waiting on the doc to open so I can get her in. This is one of those days where you wonder what's more important... work or kids. Obviously she will always win out but I REALLY need to be at work this morning, have a meeting later I have to prep for. But, she comes first. And I am lucky b/c I have good people who work with me who are prepping for the meeting for me.

This weekend we went to Indy for 4 days, finished up our shopping, visited with some friends, and relaxed. Addi stayed with my mom and apparently, they slept and layed around a LOT (perfect for a sicky!). But now, Addi is super clingy, which makes it hard to type!

Anyway, here is one of the pictures that made our Xmas card. For the final version, I cropped out my belly, just looked too big! But I do go to the surgeon tomorrow so hopefully there will be good news there.
If I don't post again before Christmas, hope it's great for all!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Big Milestone!

Early this afternoon, I could hear Addi trying to get into the bathroom. I went to see what she was doing and she said "Potty", I asked her if she had to go potty and she said "yes". We haven't really been potty training her, just letting her sit on it when she wants. So, I figured this would be the same thing.

Wrong! She sat down and Pooped! (Sorry if that is gross!) :) But she was VERY proud of herself and obviously, we were proud too! About 10 minutes later she said potty again and went again!

I'm sure when she is a teenager she will HATE me for this picture, but come on! Too cute!

First Real Haircut

Well, yesterday we finally took Addison for her first real haircut. I have trimmed her bangs before, but for the whole thing I wanted her to have a professional job. That way, if they screwed up, it wouldn't be MY fault. :)

Anyway, Addi did great! Just sat there, watching and didn't wiggle around at all. And they gave us a clipping of her hair, great for the scrapbook.
Still working on the Christmas card photo! We've tried the snow shots, inside shots... at this point, everyone will be getting LAST year's picture again!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Guess who loves ELMO!!??!!

Oh yeah, Addi does! We took her and her friend Jill (and parents) to Sesame Street Live on Sunday. It was like seeing the Beatles! There was crying... screaming and pointing... people taking off their clothes... (OK maybe that was just during diaper changes!)...
I can't believe how much fun the girls had. They were yelling, dancing, clapping... everytime Elmo left the stage Addi would say "Bye, Elmo!" and wave, then get super excited when he came back.
Jay and I had a great time too. For me, watching Addi was a great time. For Jay, he had a great nap during the second part.
All in all, a great family day!
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