Monday, October 12, 2009

The Closer

If you watch baseball you know what a closer is. It's the guy they send in to wrap up loose ends and finish out the game for the team.

At our house, Sam is our closer.

Let me explain. Both girls are fantastic eaters. They will eat almost anything and they will eat a lot of it. But Sam is in a class all her own.

On Saturday night we made homemade pizza and Sam ate half a can of black olives, crying when we refused to give her anymore. She will eat seconds of salmon, thirds of hotdogs, and fourths of dog food. Our friend Laura watched the girls when Sam was 11 months old and was shocked when she put a tiny bit of food on Sam's spoon and Sam looked at her like she was nuts and shoved two handfuls straight into her mouth.

Most meals Sam will eat all her food, then beg to get down because she's "Awe dun". Ten minutes later you can find her sitting in Addi's chair, cleaning up.

I hope she never loses her daring ability to try new foods. But mostly I hope she never loses her fast metabolism.

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