Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with a concert

Only a few weeks late, but on New Years Eve we joined the Dettmans and the Cronkletons for a Julie K concert in town.  Julie K is a local children's singer who the girls love, so they were really excited to go.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sr. Mary What??

One of the cool things about Addi's going to a Catholic school is her new found love of God. It's really neat to be driving down the road and hear random things from her, like "Did you know God made everything?" and "I love Jesus!" Even though Jay and I grew up and are still Catholic, we don't do the best job of integrating it into our lives. But having Addi learn about it daily really helps us pull it back to the forefront.

All of the kids get a chance during the year to have breakfast at the rectory after mass, and last Friday was Addi's chance. And I absolutely loved that the school secretary extraordinaire sent home the picture of Addi - because you can SEE how excited she was.

She also came home and said, "Guess what! I want to be a sister when I grow up! Father gave me a "sister" name, it's Sister Mary Dominic!"

I asked why she wants to be a nun and she said, "Because I love God so much."

Who knows... She could be the first Justin Beiber Fan Club president nun. It could happen!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A little remodel

A few months ago, we were sitting on the couch - the couch we bought right after we got married and loved to pieces... literally - then got up.  And Jay said, wow, my back hurts.  The next day, more of the same.  After a few weeks of this we faced the cold, hard truth.  We needed a new couch.

We started talking about what kind of couch we wanted, and looked down.  And took in a good long look at our stained carpet.  So we added new carpet to the To Do list.

Then Jay said, "If we are getting new carpet, I'd rather go ahead and paint the living now.  You know, before the new carpet goes in.  So we might as well paint the kitchen too while we are at it."

Score!  I've been dying to paint the kitchen for years.  And Jay's pretty much wanted to do anything but.

While were were at Lowes checking out carpet, Jay said, "If we are going to paint the kitchen, we might as well put in a tile back splash, don't you think?"

Did I even need to answer?  Of course I want a backsplash!

So, one December day we headed, sans Addi, to pick out tile.  Turns out that's pretty much an impossible task that takes a really long time.  So Sam found something to keep herself occupied while she waited. 
Adorable, dirty feet and all.

The one where Sam takes a shot at decorating

With all the home re-doing going on around here (of which I have yet to take pictures), Sam decided to get in on the action.  After removing several stickers from walls, kitchen chairs, cabinets, and the dog, I took all the stickers away and brushed my hands off, glad I solved that problem.

Turns out, I didn't find them all.  I found this princess sticker on the front of Jay's truck.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Addi:  Mommy, I'm going to steal a kiss from you! [slyly looks at me]
Me:  Oh, how sweet!  Can I have a hug too?
Addi:  Um, no? [looks at me like I have two heads]
Me:  Please!
Addi:  See Mommy?  Here it is. [hands me a Hershey kiss]

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say "CHEESE" Please!

This year for Christmas, Sam only wantd one thing for Christmas.  Cheese.  When she sat on Santa's lap, she said she wanted cheese.  When people in random stores asked what she wanted... Cheese. 

Adorable... Sweet... And kind of tricky when it comes to buying gifts!  Even strolls down the toy aisle to find something else she'd like in addition to cheese and she'd say, "Nope, I just want cheese."

Apparently Santa didn't get the memo.  So Christmas morning Sam opened her first gift from Santa - a Barbie and a Barbie car.  And instead of smiles, she started crying, saying, "But I asked Santa for CHEESE!"

Luckily we had the good idea to check the fridge.  There, we found her most wanted gift.  There, on the Santa plate where the girls left cookies, was Sam's cheese.  Kraft singles never looked so sweet.

Once the cheese was found, Sam enjoyed the rest of her gifts.  An American Girl Bitty Baby (with matching PJs for her) and the Barbie car are well loved now!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another homework assignment

One of the biggest regrets, sadnesses, disappointments, whatever you want to call it, is that our girls never got to meet Jay’s mom Janet.  When I try to explain to people who she was, I feel like there’s no way for me to do it justice.  She wasn’t my mom, just someone I had the honor of knowing for a few years before she died, but she was by far the nicest, BEST person I ever met.  She was one of those people that don’t really exist but in dreams – someone who is always supportive, nice to everyone, close with God, positive at all times, and just all around great.  And aside from her taking the things I said totally literally (not good for someone who’s 99% sarcastic), I think she enjoyed my company as well.  At least I hope she did.

Janet died when I was pregnant with Addison, and during her funeral Jay’s aunt Kathy spoke about all the family left behind, specifically the grand kids. Then she asked Janet to kiss the unborn babies (Kelly and I were both pregnant).  When Addi was born with two birthmarks on her eyes, the doctor informed us they are called “Angel Kisses” and we weren’t surprised at all.  We know her grandma in heaven loves her and is her guardian angel.

We gave Addison the middle name of “Marie” – both Janet and my mom’s middle names – and have talked to her about Janet for her entire life.  She recognizes her in pictures, likes to hear stories about her, and loves putting her special Grandma ornament on the tree every year, a gift from Aunt Jill to all the grand kids with flowers inside it from the funeral.  So, it wasn’t surprising, or scary, or shocking when we saw the sentence she chose to write for a homework assignment.  It was just awesome.

For those of you who can’t read her left-handedness, it says,
“Dear Grandma Janet,
I love you. I miss you.  How is heaven.
Love, Addi XOXOXO”


Monday, January 9, 2012

January... and playing outside?

I'm fairly certain we are all stumped as to why it's the second week of January and we are outside.  Playing.  NOT in snow.  
Notice I said "Stumped"... Not complaining.  I don't know if it's just my kids or the fact that our family was stuck inside because of Jay's back, but my kids NEEDED the fresh air this weekend.  And their Mommy did too.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - A Year in Review

2011 was just like every year since we had kids. It flew by! I love starting a new year and am not ashamed to admit that it’s mostly because I love getting new day planners and calendars. There’s just something so… refreshing and optimistic about resolutions and clean, new pages.

Here are some of the highlights from the last 12 months:
  • We went to Disney World for the first time! Very magical and not relaxing in the least but totally worth every. Single. Penny. 
  • Jay and I went to Jamaica with Mitch and Mindy in June, and we both gained at least 5 lbs totally from alcohol.
  • We celebrated Addi’s 5th birthday, Jay and I’s 33rds, Sam’s 3rd, and Jay and I’s 8th wedding anniversary.
  • We got a new pet. And Jay killed Handsome the fish while we were in Indiana for Christmas.  Ooops.
  • I ran my first ½ marathon and signed up for a 2nd for next year. 13.1 miles never felt so good.
  • Addi completed her tap and ballet class and performed at the Peoria Civic Center in front of 3,000 people.
  • Addi started kindergarten and had mostly good reports ever since.
  • Jay stepped into this century and upgraded to a smart phone. He can now text AND take pictures! And he didn’t get this phone out of some random desk at work!
  • Sam became potty trained. We are saving a ton on diapers.Jay stood up with his friend Justin in their wedding.
  • We managed to stay pretty healthy through the whole year. THAT we can TOTALLY do again.
  • I blogged, scrapbooked, and crafted. A Lot.
  • Sam is finally showing her true colors and has an attitude fitting of a three year old. It’s frustrating but all she has to do is say “ephalant” instead of elephant and all is forgiven on my end.
  • I started a new job in January and loved it. And Jay got a promotion and started his new job in October.
  • We almost bought a swimming pool for our house. Almost.
  • I thought I totaled Murray the Murano, but after 8 weeks and $10,000, we got him home safe and sound.
  • I saw Oprah!
  • And finally, we ended the year celebrating with good friends, good food, good booze, and each other.
Here’s to another great year!

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