Sunday, January 31, 2010

Her Model Friends

This weekend my mom came to town to spend the weekend with Addison for her birthday.  Sadly Addi started the weekend with a busted eardrum, an ear infection and strep throat so we spent most of Saturday laying around and resting.

Saturday night Addi got to pick any restaurant she wanted and she chose "the fishy restaurant with the shrimp."  No, not Red Lobster - the china buffet.  You know, where they have creepy fish in a tank and you eat next to them trying not to think about how you are probably eating their cousins. 

Today Addi, Grandma and I had a shopping and lunch date.  It started off a little rough but it all turned around when I "found" a napkin and pair of sunglasses in Addi's ear.  Once we determined what was causing her lack of listening ears she perked right up and we had a great rest of the day. 

We made a quick run to New York and Company and while I shopped, Addi made some friends.  Well, she walked around talking to the manequins and apparently, they talked back.  According to Addi, one told her she loved her and the other asked her to go camping.  And then she showed off her modeling skills for any and everyone who'd watch.

It never fails... You think the day can't get any worse and throw your hands up and by the end of the day, you are laughing hysterically. 

I've also been asked to put the tent up for the camp out.  I wonder how to tell her that since her new "friends" don't have heads or feet, they probably won't show.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fountain of Youth

After 10 minutes of Addi doing this and asking us to guess what she "was"...

She finally explained to Jay and I that this was what a fountain looked like.

No one said she was normal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blackmail Over

I was informed last night that the picture can now come down.  Glad he finally read "our" blog.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blackmail revisited

Should I be sad that it's been 11 days and still, no word from Jay on the picture I posted of him with a beautiful hair bow?

Or, should I use this new found freedom for evil?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A rough time waking up

Perhaps an earlier bedtime is needed at our house.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typical morning

Remember the video I posted of Sam patting her babies a while back? The one that proves that, even at 18 months old, she still has more rhythm than Jay?  Just replace the babies with some bongos and you've got yourself an act.

Well, this morning after getting Sam dressed I put her down in my bed and gave her the job of waking up her sister. Most mornings when I give her this tough assignment she tickles Addi and pulls her hair, which leads to Addi hitting Sam, which leads to tears, which leads to me yelling, which leads to a rough start for all of us.

This morning I peeked my head out of the closet long enough to see what Sam was doing. I guess after months of attemping the impossible Sam had given up hope of waking Addi up and instead was embracing her sleeping.

She was lying in between Addi and a baby “ie: a stuffed sheep”, had covered them both up, and was dutifully patting them both to sleep.  Just like in her video.  THUMP... THUMP... THUMP... THUMP... 

Man I love that girl.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Let's see how long it takes Jay to realize I posted this picture of Addi "fixing" his hair with such pretty bows.  The clock is ticking...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diaper Genie

It's a good thing we buy diapers at Sam's Club because lately, we have been going through a ton.  Not because Samantha is actually wearing them herself, but because she insists on diapering every single doll, animal, and Elmo in the house.  And then changing them five minutes later because they are "dirty."

Do you know how hard it is to fit a size four diaper on a Barbie?

Monday, January 11, 2010

More or Less

Since pre-New Years I have been excited for my New Years resolutions.  I want to really try to stick to them this year... the last thing I want is to resolve to change the world and do nothing but eat ice cream for 12 months!

I have no idea what I claimed as my resolutions last year. I’m sure there was something about weight loss and something about being a better person – there usually is. But, this year I really have put a lot of thought into this – it’s not only the beginning of a year but a beginning of a decade.

And, when it all comes down to it, my resolutions boil down to one simple phrase:  More or Less.  More quality, less waste.

More quality time with the girls.
Less wasted Saturdays, worrying about cleaning the house when I could be playing with the kids.

More quality time in the kitchen, eating nutritious foods.
Less waste in my food and drink choices (like, less coffee and more water. GROAN.)

More doing the right things, like actually brushing my teeth twice a day and taking vitamins and medicines when I'm supposed to.
Less excuses on why I can't do simple things to keep me zit-free and healthy.

More quality downtime, reading good books and my latest purchase, the Bible (stay tuned for more info on THAT).
Less wasted time on the net – less e! online and Perez Hilton.

More quality time with Jay.
Less wasted time nagging and fighting over petty stuff.

Overall, a more quality life.
Less wasted time.  Life is too short to miss the good stuff.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super Sweet Sam

If I were forced to pick one age to forever keep Sam at, I would definitely say this one. At 19 months old, she is so unbelievable cute most of the time. She’s sweet, gives great hugs and kisses, and looks up at her sister with such adoration. And when Addi is in time out for knocking Sam over or hitting/kicking/yelling at her, Sam goes to her and tries to comfort her.

She’s also starting to find her personality and, at least to me, it’s so ridiculously hilarious.  Especially since she doesn't really talk... she more grunts and points.  Then grunts some more.

She likes to play dress up.  With anything in sight, including Build a Bear clothes.

She loves to cuddle with any stuffed animal.

Even ones that Mommy let her play with in the cart for an hour, then took away, wrapped, and gave to her from Santa.

She lines her babies up, covers their faces and pats them to sleep. Even though it looks like a tiny little morgue it’s still super cute.  I've yet to get a good picture of this so you'll just have to trust me.

She does anything her sister tells her to, which will undoubtably haunt me very soon.  And for the record, this is a vacuum attachment.  Not a bong.

And, she undoubtedly has the CUTEST plumbers crack ever. 

At least, I think so.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My little lady

Last weekend as a special treat Addi and I went to see the Princess and the Frog. It was her first real movie at a theater (much like bad high school dates I don’t “count” the first one because it was so terrible) so she was pretty stoked to go.

She got dressed up, we flat ironed her hair (in an attempt to look human, not prissy, I promise) and she picked out princess stick on earrings to go with her ensemble. She looked adorable and was thrilled when her friend Jillian came to pick her up.

She did pretty well at the movie and I only had to tell her to whisper about 35 times. She loved the popcorn and saved her meltdown for immediately following the movie, where she threw herself to the ground, wailing and gnashing her teeth about some injustice that had been done to her (I wouldn’t let her play air hockey).

After we got home she was even more excited to tell Jay all about her big girl date. All night long we played princess and tea party… She even kissed me 50 times and said, “Oh, we are frogs now! Oh, now we are people again!” It was very cute.

To wrap up her princess-filled day she handed me a tiny piece of paper. Expecting it to be something cute like fairy dust or a love letter, I asked her what it was and where she got it.

She said, “Oh, I just pulled that out of my butt.”

I promise she had her pinky up while she handed it to me. Just like a princess would.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty in Pink

When we found out we were having a girl the first time around, Jay was pretty insistent that we go with more color neutral themes for everything. We got fish bedding that could easily work for a boy, painted the room a boyish purple, and put the word out to all family and friends – NO PINK.

And most people listened, or at least tried to hide their chuckles when Jay opened a bright pink outfit. We diligently bought a unisex carseat and bouncy seat, and then, when needed, bought neutral sippy cups, spoons and plates. You know, for when we had our boy.

Then Sam came along and the pink hit the fan.

We have pink clothes for long car rides.

Pink PJs for playing with cousins.

Pink hats for playing cowgirl, y'all.

Pink snow clothes for going outside for 2 minutes and wanting right back in (ehem, Sam).

And more pink snow clothes for playing outside till fingers are numb.

And even pink blankets, pillows, and dolls for playing house on the stairs.

Good thing we have that blue carseat. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

The past three days we've been lucky enough to spend some quality time with our great college friends.  Mitch, Mindy, Lincoln and Eleanor headed over from Indy and Andy, Nikki and Drew made the trek from Lafayette.  By Wednesday night it was just like old times... The guys were yelling at the TV and discussing football strategy and us girls were trying not to roll our eyes.

New Years Eve day we spent lots of quality time with the kids.  We blew up the bouncer in the basement and let the kids burn off some energy, and Addi got to hold a baby which she LOVED.

The boys even got to play with a bunch of girl toys.  Don't worry...  They found a way to toughen up strollers and shopping carts.  Races, anyone?

I was a little worried that with five kids running around our New Years Eve wouldn't be quite up the standards set in the past.  I mean, the guys did live together for four years.  They have done a lot of crazy things.  Things of course none of us girls had anything to do with, but you get the idea.

No worries.  It went above and beyond year's past.

We had live entertainment:

There was tons of food and drinks:

There were lots of hugs and kisses:

Some people got naked:

And woke up in strange beds with people they barely knew:

And people were spotted smoking strange things.

I can't imagine a better way to ring in the New Year.  Here's to a great 2010!

Disclaimer:  no babies were harmed during the making of this blog.

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