Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bye Bye, Old Friend

I love my phone. LOVE IT. It's my constant companion, my light in the dark (literally), my camera, my planner, everything. Remember how freaked out I was when it was "broken?" I don't know what to do when I don't have it near... Texting, surfing the web, whatever... Me and my phone do it together. And I'm a pretty fast typer on it too. LOVE the full keyboard.

And my phone loves me back. It's always there for me, holding a charge and answering calls in the blink of an eye. What more could a girl want.

My phone, however, does not love sharp corners of cabinets.

Sad, but true... I broke my trusty phone last week. I freaked out for about 30 minutes, so upset that it was shattered.

An hour later I skipped out of Verizon with my NEW BlackBerry. A touch screen, sassy looking, very fun and nifty! Guaranteed to be my new and improved best friend!

Unfortunately I can't use the darn thing. I try to call someone and hang up on them. I can't figure out how to NOT hit mute mid-conversation. Typing.... FoRGe..t. AAbouuuuuuuut it.

Yeah, pretty annoying huh. That's how every email, text MMS looks.

I think me and my phone just need some bonding time. Perhaps an afternoon at the spa getting pedi's? Or maybe just a gab fest with some old friends...

WHatttever It TAKes. Welllll be besTFRIENDSS soon. Just don't hang up on me if I call you and am silent. It's probably me attempting to UNmute you.

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