Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prison isn't for the weak (or pretty)

Yesterday was the first day of first grade for Miss Addison Marie.  I certainly don't feel old enough to have a first grader, but like it or not she's on the fast track to all kinds of learning.

Annual on the front porch picture

Sami also started a new school, so a big day for the girls!

The four girls from Mrs. Deluhery's kindergarten, ready for 1st!

After the half day, Addi and I spent several hours shopping and running errands.  When we got to Walmart she asked if she could stay in the car, and I said, "No honey, you can't.  If I let you stay, Mommy will get arrested and I'm just too pretty for prison."

She looked at me, then said, "Um, no.  You aren't.  But I am."

Glad to know where I stand.

Sister Mary ANYTHING

A few weekends ago Jenny took the kids pictures, and I absolutely love them!  I showed my coworker one of the great pictures of Addi today and he commented on how pretty she was. 

Fast forward to tonight at bedtime, and right before Addi was supposed to fall asleep we had the following conversation (please keep in mind she is SIX, not sixteen):
Me:  Addi , a guy at work today said looked beautiful in your picture Jenny took.
Addi (sitting straight up):  WHO??? Is he CUTE??
Me: Addi! He’s married. 

Addi:  Oh, Man!

Me:  And old, like mommy.
Addi:  Well, is he cute? I want to see a picture of him!

I seriously need to send her to a convent.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mortar and Bricks

Five years ago, Jay and I were looking for the perfect house.  On our list was a great neighborhood (read all about it in this past blog of mine!), three car garage, and one where we weren’t stacked on top of each other and staring straight into someone else’s house.  We looked for a few months, then found THE perfect house (minus the 3rd stall garage).  The backyard more than made up for it.
This summer we were ready to improve the patio.  And improve it we sure did. 
Wishing it was a pool, not a patio...

Before, it was a 12x14 concrete slab.  Functional, small, and boring.  So boring that the picture of it wouldn't even upload!
Now, it’s a-ma-zing.   Seriously, I didn’t know you could fall in love with mortar and stone.  But fall we have.

Ode to Samantha

If there's one thing in this world that Samantha Jane loves, it's her mom.  Unconditionally, I can do no wrong, can do no harm, and no matter what I do, she loves me, respects me, and speaks to me with the kindest of words.

Then, I wake up and smell the temper tantrums.  :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012


A great summer should include:

A trip to the fair...
A few visits to Pop Pop's farm... 

And a lot of time outside, eating popsicles and having dirty feet. 

It's not over yet, hopefully many more memories to be made.....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Selling the garage

Having a giant garage sale in which you get rid of over 1/2 of the contents of your basement, 99% of your baby "stuff" and invite several friends to join in is just as much work as you would think it would be.  In fact, it's hours and hours and days and even weeks of prep time just to be a success.  At least, that's how it was when Jay and I had our giant garage sale in August.  Can you do it faster/quicker/better?  Go right ahead.  I'll be first in line to drop off my goods at Goodwill from today on.

First, there's prep.  Lots and lots of prep.  Namely, going through 20+ tubs of clothes, shoes, toys, and junk and determining what will be sold, pitched or given away.  Your house looks a lot like THIS (times a thousand):

After draining a few bottles of Tylenol and recovering information from parts of your brain you didn't remember you had (which pants goes with what shirt... didn't that have a hair bow too?) you finally get to the day of.  And then things get tricky.

Having some help from your friends, husband, mother, Godmother, and finally sending your kids away will help.

Finally, you toss what's not sold into the truck, drive to Goodwill, and wave cheerily as you go home to your garage, which is now desolate minus a few hundred hangers and post it notes.  You count your cash, plop on the couch, and pass out.
The end.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free falling

You can add "brave" to the list of ways to describe Addison.

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