Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Like" my status

The past week has been hectic around here. With an insane work week, Jay being sick, the kids being sick, and just life getting in the way, I can't seem to blog. I keep starting to write something and practically fall asleep out of pure boredom.

I just can't seem to string together a coherent thought longer than a Facebook status... I try and my brain shuts down.

Since you can pretty much get caught up with us via my status updates, here's what's been up with the Ralphs in 420 characters or less...

Stephanie Young Ralph just found out the flu virus can live on a dollar bill for 17 days. Paper or plastic? Discover for me, thank you! (October 19)

Stephanie Young Ralph thinks it's pretty cool that 3 of the 4 undefeated NFL teams have Purdue quarterbacks. (October 20)

Stephanie Young Ralph really needs to blog. I have no blogging creative juices within. And what I really want to blog about is sooo not socially acceptable. I'll just say, our volleyball team finally pulled through and won a game ;) (October 20)

Stephanie Young Ralph just wrote a blog about her cell phone. What's next... one about my answering machine? Must.... get.... a.... life.... (October 20)

Stephanie Young Ralph is watching Hannah Montana the movie. And actually kinda likes it (October 21)

Stephanie Young Ralph needs to learn the hoedown throwdown dance - or as Jerry calls it, just another day on Melissa's honeymoon (October 21)

Stephanie Young Ralph wonders if there is anything bigger than a king size bed. (October 21)

Stephanie Young Ralph had a pretty amazing day. I wish they were all this good. (October 22)

Stephanie Young Ralph just learned that a kid has to eat ounces of toothpaste before it's really bad. Thanks, Poison Control (October 23)

Stephanie Young Ralph took Addi to the doc and found out she has an ear infection. In case you are worried you might have one too, she told the doctor her symptoms included my ear hurts, my poop stinks and my knee is very itchy. (October 24)

All in a week... No wonder I'm tired!

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