Monday, January 28, 2008

Who is in charge around here?

So, tonight Addi kept telling me something about Elmo... we hear about him all the time so I kind of ignored her. Finally she got REALLY loud so I had her show me what she wanted. Apparently Elmo was bad and went to time out. Good thing Addi was on the watch... I had no idea he had been so naughty!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Weekend for the Ralphs!

So, we had a big weekend! For the average person, it will probably seem ho-hum, but the fact that I am typing ALONE is huge to me and Jay!

First, Thursday night Addi spent the whole night in her OWN ROOM!!! She was pretty excited to get a cool sticker in the morning and I was pretty thrilled that she only cried for 10 minutes. Friday, we'll skip ;) - then Saturday and Sunday night we repeated Thursday! And it's 8:54 on Monday and I am AGAIN sitting downstairs, with Jay, and no Addi. What will we do with all the free time? So far I surfed the net, did some laundry, and just relaxed. But four nights of Addi in her own bed is a VERY good thing and a very long time coming. And she is VERY proud of her stickers, even chased Smokey around trying to show him.

In other weekend news, we cleaned house, went shopping, and spent a few hours at the pool. Addi was scared at first but in typical Addi fashion she was afraid of the squirting water in 2 inches of water but more than happy to go down the water slide alone several times and jump into the 4 foot pool to me.

The rest of today, we just hung out. Addi cooked up some hotdogs in her playroom for dinner and shows her handiwork in the picture above. Have a good week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We had our big sono today!

Ralph Baby #2

The proud Big Sister

Steph's belly at 21 weeks

So, after 21 weeks of waiting, Jay and I had our big sonogram today. I was really nervous... I just wanted a healthy baby and you never really know until you hear that everything seems OK. But everything was PERFECT, measured right on schedule. The baby also moved quite a bit and made it difficult to get good pictures for us, but that's OK. Also, we found out that Addi is going to have.... a little SISTER! She has been saying over and over that she wants a "sisser" so that's good. I kind of wanted a boy but REALLY want Addi to have a sister someday, so I am happy too. And Jay said "Yeah! Less stuff to buy!" Cheapness wins out!

Here are some pictures, one of the sono, one of me at 21 weeks, and one of Addi celebrating her big-sister-hood. My stomach is already pointy-er than last time (we will blame that on the hernia) but I have a feeling this will also be a big baby like Addi.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, it's 2008 and I have YET to post here! And to think, it was one of my resolutions to do a better job of taking pictures of Addi and recording things here so I don't forget!

Well, so far 2008 has been pretty laid back and uneventful. Jay and I got new bedroom furniture (complete with king size bed) and are going to try tonight to finally kick Addi out! We tried last night and I totally wimped out when she was freaking out at 2 a.m. (to my credit she was shaking and really scared.) Tonight is another night I guess, and I can't imagine she will still be in our room when she heads to highschool (God willing!). Jay also got his new plasma TV for our room and I think it's a little big. It wasn't too bad until a daytime scene came on and our whole room was lit up! A little overkill maybe... But it's pretty cool.

Jay is working this weekend, so Addi and I went to the Bloomington Children's Museum today with Jenny and Jill Dettman. The girls had fun and I was able to keep up with Addi almost the whole time! This belly is getting a little big... I'll try to post a picture soon.

In baby news... We have our sonogram on Tuesday. We are praying everything will be OK with the baby and hopefully we will find out if it's a brother or sister for Addi. If you ask Addi she says she wants a sister, then starts chanting "brother, brother!" (Jay's influence.)
Happy New Year to All!

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