My Life List

You know how you say, "Someday I want to do that!"? Well, this is my life list.  Some are easy and simple, some are crazy and will take more than me to happen, but all are things I've dreamed of.

Adopt a child.
Build our dream home.
Be a stay at home mom.
Write a book that people want to read.
Go to the Grand Canyon.
Get a tattoo.
Have abs that are flat enough to wear a bikini.
Scrapbook all the major milestones in my girls' lives.
Go on a mission trip and help people less fortunate than me.
Anonymously help a friend in need.
Dance at my grandchildren's weddings.
Be published in a magazine.
Take a cooking class.
Vacation and stay in one of those hut/house things over the ocean (Bora Bora, FIji...)
Create a "signature" food that I'm known for (like my mom's dill dip).
Go to church every week for a year.
Read the Bible, cover to cover.
Have long, beautiful hair.
Be a role model for someone.
Donate blood.
Send flowers unexpectedly to someone.
Become passionate about something.
Ride a motorcycle (and not crash it).
Figure out what my dream job is, work hard, and get it.
Travel to Rome, Italy.
Memorize the states and the U.S. Presidents.
Be able to do a backbend from a standing position.
Document our family tree.
Build a piece of furntiture.
Make a baby blanket for my first grandchild.
Finish a 5k in under 30 minutes.
Drive across America in an RV.
Visit all the states.
Watch a football game in all of the Big Ten stadiums (all 12 of them).
Learn to play the drums.
Learn to shoot a rifle.
Go to an Ellen show taping.
Have a booth at a craft show,
Go up in a hot air balloon (and come back down too).
Make a piece of pottery and display it in my home.
Teach my children to be considerate, kind and happy.
Fly somewhere just to see a concert.
Learn to juggle.
Learn how to read music.

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