Sunday, October 11, 2009

The charming life we lead

It's been over a week since we at the Ralph's started getting sick. None of us have had anything worse than a cough, runny nose or a fever over 100 degrees but it's getting old, fast.

This weekend we stayed home with the hopes of healing ASAP. We also cleaned the house from top to bottom and did lots of yard work, so we are very tired. OK, well Jay cleaned and Jay did yard work and I stayed inside with the kids. So Jay is physically tired and I just need a drink.

Even with the runny noses and constant whining and coughing and not being able to really go outside to burn off energy, the kids were still adorable as ever. And for those without little kids, here's a photo look at the weekend. Try not to be jealous!

We played Mr. Potato Head.
Addi tried unsuccessfully to convince us she didn't need to take naps or go to bed at a reasonable hour. Here's her "I'm NOT TIRED MOMMY!" face:

Out of pure desperation for quiet, the kids watched a ridiculous amount of TV.
Sam mastered the art of standing up on kitchen chairs and driving Mommy bonkers.
Addi mastered the art of being bossy and forcing Sam to sit down.
I finally got new batteries for my camera and tried to take pictures of the kids looking sweet and charming.
I also unsuccessfully tried to scrapbook.
Sam ate some Playdoh.
The girls had baths and had a picnic at the start of the Colts game, complete with Goldfishy crackers. I then vacuumed the living room again.
And Jay felt terrible.
All in all it was a good weekend. Let's hope for a healthier week!

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