Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A losing streak

A few weeks ago I talked about my new activity – volleyball. I planned to update here on our team’s wins but with last night’s loss, our record is now 0-4. Or, as Melissa likes to say, 0-12 (each game consists of three matches.)

Last night, in an act of desperation, Melissa made a strong suggestion that we win at least one match. In fact, she said, “If you don’t win, no open bar at my wedding.” Ouch!

Guess November 7th will be a sobering night for us all.

I went home after the game, dejected and a tad sore from a few power serves from the opposing team. But my spirits were lifted right up when I went upstairs to see Addi.

She said, “Mommy! How was volleyball?”
I said, “Oh, honey, we did bad.”
She said, “Oh I know your team did bad. But how did YOU do?
I said, “Oh, well I did good.”
She said, “Good job Mommy, I’m so proud of you, give me five!”

Such a cheerleader, that one. And the sentiment could only be made sweeter had she not been on the potty at the time.

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