Friday, October 26, 2012

An Open Letter to Addi - Three Years Later

I LOVE my blog.  I love how it gives me a chance to tell my story, how it gives me a chance to keep up with friends, and how I capture memories I would most likely forget in the day-to-day hustle and bustle.  I also love that years later I can go and read a post and see how things do (and don't) change.

Here is an open letter I wrote to Addison exactly three years ago.  Now, at age 6, it's remarkable how many things are exactly the same.  You might wear pants on a more regular basis, but deep down you are the same person.  And I love that!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Too much TV

Sami loves her TV.  Since she possesses the skill that Addi lacks of being able to sit still for more than 12 minutes, she gets more TV time in than we probably even realized.  Often we'll realize she's quiet, and unlike when Addi disappears we don't run straight for the Poison Control number and the Magic Eraser.  We just go look for her in our room, and most likely find her curled up, watching a show.

Before you get all up in arms, please note that she cannot turn the TV on herself, which used to be our surefire way of monitoring what she was doing. However, she's a PRO at the iPad.  Disney Junior app, anyone?  Luckily Disney Junior is a pretty safe choice, so we don't worry too much.

A few mornings ago I was helping Addi get her bag ready for school when I heard Sam mutter something.  And it sounded a lot like "Get off the couch, deadbeat!"

After the record screeching sound stopped going off in my head, I asked her what she said.  She looked at me, innocently, and said, "Get off the couch, dead feet?"

After correcting her insult (I don't want her calling someone deadfeet - that would just be embarrassing) I talked to her about how that was a mean thing to say and she couldn't say it anymore.  She got all teary-eyed and said, "But the birds said it on ANT Farm [a show on Disney Junior]."

Seriously, can't a kid watch too much TV without negative repercussions these days?  Geesh.

Monday, October 22, 2012

33 things for an almost-35 year old

About 18 months ago I put together a list of the top 33 things I wanted to do while I was 33.  I’m creeping up on 35 now and not only have I still not completed the 33 things but I haven’t moved the link at the top of my blog.  In order to wrap up the list and redo my blog, here’s a recap of what did and didn’t happen.  Maybe I’ll do another list when I turn 35… Juggling, anyone?

1. Spend one day with Addi the week she starts kindergarten, getting a mani/pedi, lunch, and having some mommy/daughter time.

2. Meet up with my great friends I made while prego with Sam – Also known as my birth board friends.

3. Run a race with jay. Jay likes running about as much as he likes my cooking. 'Nuf said.

4. Get a new pet for our family.

5. Go to Disney with the kids.

6. Run a ½ marathon.

7. Go to a parade.

8. Drink a dirty martini.

9. Support a charity.

10. Plant a garden.

11. Go on a weekend trip with just Jay and I.

12. Buy a new swimsuit.

13. Take a personal day and only do things for myself. Done.

14. Cook an entire meal for my family, and serve it all fancy like a restaurant. See #3 above.

15. Detail and wash my car by hand. By MY hand. I realized, I hate cleaning. So I bought a new, clean car instead.

16. Go see Oprah. Learn to sew. Why sew when you can tie knots? New post coming soon...

17. Do something selfless for someone else.

18. Take my cat to the vet.

19. Have a date with just Sam and I.

20. Play in a sprinkler. Hmmm... Maybe I SHOULD have done this. I did get sprayed by the hose a few times...

21. Have a cookout.

22. Actually read one of the Charles Dickens books I claimed to read for Oprah. I read the Cliff Notes. Does that count?

23. Paint a room in my house.

24. Join a gym.

25. Teach the girls how to swim.

26. Clean out my jewelry box. Done - but didn't take any pictures.

27. Go on a spontaneous road trip with the family.

28. Clean out my Facebook friend list and delete the bad apples. Done, and now I need to do it again!

29. Bake an apple pie from scratch. I made an attempt at this - well, I looked up a recipe. Then Jay informed me that Sam's pies are better, cheaper, and less messy than doing it myself. And it got him another trip to Sam's. Win win.

30. Buy a fancy purse without apology.

31. Go to a movie alone. Ha.... Yeah, this was a stretch goal if I ever heard one.

32. Clean out all four bedroom closets in my house.

33. Blog as I hit these milestones. Done!

2. Meet up with my great friends I made while prego with Sam

One of the best decisions I made when pregnant with Sam was to join  Yes, they sent helpful emails on all kinds of fascinating topics – morning sickness, sore boobs, weight gain, but they also housed a forum for women to ask questions and talk through their pregnancy.  Through that forum and subsequently (several) iterations of private boards, I have a group of 10+ women who offer support, open minds, and friendship on a daily basis, with an extended network of 35+ for advice (and the occasional bout of drama).  Our friendships have blossomed from online only to face-to-face meet ups, and after the husbands and relatives get over the fact that we all met online, most people think it’s pretty darn cool that we are as tight a group.

This year I was bound and determined to attend the meet up.  Jay planned on joining me (since we have friends in Minneapolis too) but bailed when he realized he’d be the only guy around.  So at 5 am on a Friday in September, Sam and I boarded a plane and headed north, joining five of my friends, nine kids, and one very patient husband.  You would think it would be awkward… Nope.  Not at all.

Lots of kids and almost four of the six moms...

Me and Sam, enjoying some "us" time...

Me, Patty, Kathy, Krystal, Mickey and Kim
(no bottles of alcohol were hurt during this picture)

There is no way I could do the weekend justice in a few sentences.  For most of it, you really just DID have to be there.  I can say that I came home with my cheeks hurting from laughing and smiling, a sad Sam (she missed her friends!), a pretty sweet trucker hat and a heavy heart knowing I wouldn’t see these amazing women for most likely at least a year.  

Sad or not, it was worth it.  And I know deep down Jay is jealous of my awesome hat. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Beer Fridge

We bought an extra fridge for the garage once we moved into our house six years ago, mostly for drinks.  And even though it has tons of juice boxes and Coke Zero in it, it's always been known as the beer fridge.
One of Addi's jobs each week is the fill the fridge up with whatever drinks were purchased on Saturday.  And it turns out, having a kid with ADD has it's perks.  We have a REALLY organized beer fridge. 

30. Buy a fancy purse without apology.

In my list of 33 things, I had “Run a ½ marathon.”  I did, and it was a great experience.  So great, in fact, that I eagerly signed up for a second one this year with Jenny and my newer friend Delena – a Rock and Roll ½ in Nashville, TN.  Right after signing up, the eagerness wore off and life got in the way of training, and with only a few weeks to go I really wanted to bail on the whole thing.  Then, my bosses son was diagnosed at age 2 with Leukemia and went to St. Jude in Memphis for treatment.  The race we were signed up for was a fundraiser for St. Jude, and after grumbling about how I didn’t want to do the race, I realized how pathetic that was.  Me, an able bodied person, whining about a race when so many kids are sick.  Totally ridiculous. So we focused on fundraising and I attempted to run a few times before heading south.
We drove to Nashville with only a few miles on my shoes and almost $1000 raised, with our friend Laura along for the ride.  And even though I walked a LOT on that Saturday, I managed to finish the race about 10 minutes after Delena and Jenny.  Moving the next day was next to impossible, but it didn’t matter. We raised money for a great cause, no one barfed, and we had a great time.
Laura, Delena, Me and Jenny at the St. Jude wall - very humbling - and Jenny and I ready for our second 1/2 marathon!
Our shirts said "We ARE Running!  Running for Keegan" in honor of our really slow pace and my bosses son, Keegan (who is officially in remission!!)  

Oh, and the day after the race I limped through the local mall and checked #30 off my list, with this super cute purse! Win win!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Momma Sam

When it comes to make believe, Samantha is committed.  Her dolls never change names.  She knows that Mr. Sun and Mr. Moon are her two best friends.  And she takes great care of all of her babies.
She even makes sure they ride in style, when we go on trips.  The floor won't do... The need their own seat. 
Man, she's cute.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

If only...

If we had it our way, we would have fresh tomatoes all year long.  Each year we plant one cherry tomato plant and for some reason it grows like crazy.  Ca-ray-zee.  This was what we got off of it in one day.
If only we could grow money like we grow fruit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Rerun in honor of boots/sweater weather!

Don't forget to be humble!

Originally posted December 2008

On Saturday Jay's dad and his wife came to visit. They watched the kids for a few hours while Jay and I ran a few errands, then we all went to dinner and to see the Christmas lights. The day was a big success in my mind because I finally found the perfect jeans to go with my cute new boots.

I was so excited to wear them that I ran right up and changed into my jeans, boots and sweater. We headed out to dinner and all was well. Addi behaved (for the most part) and Sam just sat in her seat and played the entire meal. We even had two different people stop by to tell us how cute she was and how well behaved. It was a GREAT meal and was one of those nights that made me love being with my family even more.

As we were about to leave, Addi said she had to go potty, so off she and I went. On our way back out another lady called me over to her table. My first thought was that she was going to compliment me on how well behaved Addi was - and this was where my perfect evening had it's glitch.

She motioned for me to come closer and when I did she said, "Did you know your sweater is on inside out?"

Nope. Sure didn't.

I love being humbled.

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