Friday, October 29, 2010

Minnie and Me

Today was Sam and Addi's Halloween parade at school.  Addi was thrilled (more on that later) and Sam was totally not into it.  We struggled at home for an hour to get her costume on, gave up, then went to school and made Sam cry there.

Shocker... She calmed right down as soon as I picked her up.  And double shocker, I had to carry her around pretty much all morning. 
She did calm down enough to take a few pictures with her friends at school. 
And she was VERY excited to take many pictures with Karter.  He's her "friend" - not sure how deep the bond they have goes but they have been known to switch socks with each other at school on many an occasion.  A boy willing to wear pink socks for a girl?  A keeper in my eyes.
After the parade we headed back into their room for the party.  Or what the parents slyly call "leaving their sugar crazed kids to the professionals."

During the party, a fellow mom made an unusual observation.... Notice anything odd about Sam's table?  Look closely.
OK - now look at the table right next to it. 
Still stumped?  Well, all the blonds are assigned to one table, while all the dark-headed kids are at another.  I asked the teacher if the kids seem to walk in a uniform fashion or try to speak in a German accent and she laughed, then said no.  She said that Sam's table is the one with the kids who don't hit, bite, or throw food.  Kind of interesting if you ask me.   

Hey, don't judge... it never hurts to ask about these things, especially considering my other kid has already started her life in crime as a mob boss.  Sam could be a dictator in the making.  You never know.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't try this at home.

Addi is wild in every way... attitude, outfit choices, hair...  We pretty much expect to find gum in her hair and know someday, she'll dye it some crazy color and turn my hair (more) grey.

Sam - she's the calm one (in most ways).  Even her hair is sweet and innocent... long, blond, straight with a cute flip at the end.  Her hair grows rediculously fast and I've always had hope that she'll have the long flowing locks I've always wanted.

Lately though... she started to resemble her sister. Like, in a feral child kind of way.  It wouldn't be so unmanagable except she is completely against anyone brushing her hair.  I have pretty much just ignored it but Wednesday Jay asked me when the last time her hair was brushed, and a little quick math made me realize.... 5 days before??????

That night, we washed her hair and I took one last picture of her long (tangled) hair.

Then, I did what every foolish mom has done at least once in her life.

I attempted to cut my kid's hair myself.  My wiggly, never stop moving kid.  Let me just admit it now... This very well might be the one and only time I attempt to do this myself. 

After 15 minutes, I decided it was straight enough and put the scissors aside.  In pigtails it looks cute, even if it isn't all that even.

Good thing she looks adorable in hats.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A proud moment

In most houses, the fridge is a place of honor.   Ours is no exeption.  We have the obligatory birth announcement for a good friend’s baby, an adorable picture of our newest niece, and a picture of Addi pumping her first keg.   You know, what every family displays for the world to see.

And today, I was honored to add a picture Addi colored at school. I am so proud for so many reasons.
  • She did a great job of staying in the lines.
  • She took time to color in each piece, even skipping playtime to make sure it was perfect.
  • She was proud of her work and wanted to share it with the whole family. 

These are all great things. But mostly, I’m proud because this is the first picture she’s brought home in a long time that did not include a freehand drawing of something described as “just a girl peeing in the yard.” 
Really. It’s the little things that matter.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From one extreme to another

A few weeks ago, I got a bad report for Addi at school. She was wresting with the boys and pushing around the girls, and within minutes of hearing freaking out that she would be pushing kids around forever.

Now, it turns out that instead of worrying about her pushing around the girls, I should have worried a tad more about the wrestling. Because this is the note I got from school the other day.

And, today I talked to Miss Erika and found out that along with kissing Fisher, she’s also been drawing in the other boys in the class. And playing Sleeping Beauty (mostly the part where she kisses the prince.) And kissing Will.

Ah… how I long for her to put a cute little girl in a headlock.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They grow so fast

Kids grow way too fast.  It seems you can't keep them in shoes or clothes because when they manage to keep them hole and stain free, they just outgrow them.  I really should buy stock in cotton.

But, I am not talking about the kids for once.  I'm talking about our insane tomato plants!

Addi and Sam both love tomatos so planting them is very beneficial to our family.  Most nights we would go out, pick a few off the plant and before we were inside, the kids had eaten them.

I don't know what Jay does to these things, but look how big our ONE plant is!  You can't see it because of the shadow from the fence, but it extends about 3 feet out from where Addi is standing as well as being taller than me.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Arts and Crafts

A few weeks ago I started a new art project.  Last night I finished it up and love it!  It's a corkboard, made of corks, with a place to hang my keys.  :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who says "Neigh.."??

I have to admit, I was a little surprised when Samantha said she wanted to ride a pony today. 

On the first lap, she seemed a bit apprehensive.  She definitely was happy that Jay was securely by her side.
On the second lap, she looked like a natural.  She was having a blast.
And on lap three, she totally freaked out and said "No way." 
Sam says "Neigh."

A sunny Saturday

Today we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and headed to Tanner's orchard.  They have pumpkins, apples, a playground, etc.  We go every year and it's a great time, so we met the Dettman's and Dworsack's and had a blast.

More to come...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Godfather

Addi has been in the orange room now since August. With the move came added responsibility for Addi – she gets to pick wherever she wants to sit on the rug during circle time, she can write her name, and she is learning all about the body and what all the organs do. Quite honestly she’s handling the changes really, really well and we’ve been receiving glowing reports on her behavior most nights.

Tonight, I did NOT receive a glowing report. Instead, I found out that Addi likes to wrestle with the boys a lot. And, when she’s not pinning Fisher and Will to the ground, she’s dominating the girls as well.

According to her teacher, Addi is the “Mob Boss” of Orange Room. Somehow, some way, the girls in the class now do what Addi wants. According to Miss Erika, when she asks the other girls what they want to play with, they all become mute and stand there dumb-faced until they receive the “nod” from Addi . Addi will finally mumble something like, “Blocks. We want blocks,” and the girl will say, “I guess blocks?” Then, they all play blocks together until Addi runs off to tackle a boy.

I have no idea how this happened and quite honestly doubt Addi does either. But if she asks for cannoli or starts calling Jay “Pop” I might get concerned.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A great family weekend

This past weekend was one of the great ones... filled with family, fun and food.  It was NOT filled with housekeeping and laundry so hopefully the afterglow lasts a few days.  At least until the cleaning lady comes back, anyway.

Saturday we met Papaw Steve and Grandma Carol for brunch, then headed to my work for an open house.  We walked around, saw cool product, the kids got to sit at my desk, and then we headed home.

While the boys smoked some meat, us girls worked on a craft (to be photographed later) and then made sugar cookies.  And Sunday we all drove to Champaign to meet the newest Ralph, Gwenna Blue, daughter to Molly and Adam.
We hung out with lots of family and ate a ton.  And Sam licked the icing off several cookies.

Now, back to reality.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our newest pets

The barking is REALLY getting annoying. 

So is the pooping on the carpet.


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