Monday, July 28, 2014

She's magnetic

After a long, stressful day at work where I seemed to spend the majority of my time arguing with people, I picked up the kids and headed home.  We sat at the kitchen table and waited for our dinner to show up like usual but it never did, mostly because Jay was out at a work event, so we finally decided to go to the China buffet to quell the hunger pains we were so not used to.  Never one to miss a buffet, my dad joined us too.

After my dad dry-heaved at all the sushi Addi ate and the girls finished up seconds of dinner, we headed for dessert.  We all had ice cream and Sam tried eating hers with chopsticks.  Very cute, but not all that successful.

We all cracked open our fortune cookies and I just sat and laughed at mine, after the day I had at work.  I texted a picture of it to a few coworkers, then ripped it up.

Addi's fortune was a dud - totally unremarkable. 

Sam had a more interesting fortune.  It said, "You are magnetic in your bearing."

The girls asked what that meant and I said it meant that people would want to be near her, like a magnet, because of her personality.  Addi said, "Well, that's not really true for Sam.  Who'd want to be with her all the time when she picks her nose and eats the boogers?"

Sisterly love at it's best.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deep Conversations

Of the two girls, Addi is far and away the more intense child.  She gets into deep thought and asks thought-provoking questions, and it's really hard to not tell her the answers to tough questions when she asks. 

Yesterday Addi asked me to come into the bathroom with her and shut the door, because she had a really important question for me.  Those times usually end up with me mortified with what she heard at day camp (why are eight year olds talking about sex??) so I braced myself for a doozy.  It was 7 a.m., so anything could come up.

She got really, really quiet, then said:

"Mommy, what kind of questions will they ask when I take my driver's test when I'm 16? Like, will there be multiple choice?"

She and I were both very relieved when I could answer with a simple, "Yes."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Life lessons from Jay

A few months ago Jay made ribs and Addi Fell. In. Love.  She has begged and pleaded ever since to have them again and this Saturday Jay finally gave in.  But instead of just making them for her, he decided it was time for her to learn how to cook.

They started with the trip to the store to pick out the perfect piece of meat.  I have absolutely no idea how to pick out meat - I'm pretty sure Jay gave up on any possibility of me learning years ago.  Once they got home and Addi saw the raw slab she changed her mind, but Jay and I insisted.  I told her that if she can learn to cook as well as daddy she's guaranteed to have boys want to marry her.  She just stared at me.   Probably not a selling point to an eight year old.
Learning to prep the meat
I missed taking pictures during the rest of the prep and cook phase but managed to snap a few while the girls were going to town on the finished product.

The ribs should have been the highlight of the meal.  However, laughter was the main takeaway after Sam and Addi were talking about long hair and Addi told Sam that Jay had longer hair in high school.  Sam said, "Oh, like a rock star, daddy?"  Jay looks up, confused, and says, "Lobsters don't have hair."  Seriously hilarious.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blast from the past

I was looking for a file this morning and came across this from Addison's kindergarten year.  Enjoy!

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