Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mystery Solved

Last Friday Jay helped me load the girls into my car to take them to the sitter. When he opened the back door he said, "Wow, there's a banana in here somewhere, your whole car smells like it." Well, Addi eats them quite regularly so I assumed there was a peel or chunk randomly thrown in the back seat, so I promised to search for it and off we went. Later that day, I looked everywhere and although I did find a pacifier, two pairs of sunglasses, and 47 cents, there was no banana to be found.

Well, as with most things these days, I forgot all about it. We spent the weekend with family, getting Sam Baptized (more on that later) and enjoying our time off. I was only in the car for a few minutes here and there so this morning when I got into the car and was completely overwhelmed with the smell of banana, I was, oh, a bit surprised. I AGAIN searched under seats and on the floor and AGAIN found no banana. But now I had several fruit flies buzzing around my head, so I knew my search must continue.

I called Jay, told him that tonight we would search the car high and low until we solved this mystery. He was of course super excited about looking for moldy food in my car. Then I headed into work, unloaded my computer, and found............. A BANANA IN MY LAPTOP CASE.

Nasty. But at least the mystery was solved. As well as the question of my attention to detail.

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