Friday, September 12, 2008

Her most prized possession

As it is becoming more and more apparent, Addison has a minor addiction to Sam’s pacifiers. And by minor I mean kicking, screaming, sneaking around in the middle of the night to steal them from her sleeping sister, sucking them until her lips are literally bleeding obsession. Once she got blisters on her lips we immediately started taking them from her the second she got them, and now she will hand them over pretty quickly when we catch her with one, so things are getting a bit better. But still, she digresses.

Last night I was folding laundry and noticed Addi was remarkably quiet. I called to her upstairs and asked what she was doing. When she replied, “Nothing,” I took off straight up the stairs to see what was really going on. And to my surprise, not a whole lot. She was in the guest room in a fort made of pillows, laying there pretending to sleep. I said, “Wow, I figured you were up here hiding with a paci,” and she said, “Look mommy!” She lifted up a pillow… under that was a hat… under the hat was a pink box… and in the box was a paci. She was keeping it nice and safe, should Jay or I decide to take up the habit or Sam miraculously learned to walk. She keeps only her most special things in that box (last week was a rock she gave to her sitter) so I wasn’t a bit surprised to find a paci there.

This morning, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work and Sam and Addi were laying in our bed, holding hands and watching cartoons. I knew Addi had gotten the paci out from the guest room on her way to our room but didn’t have the energy to fight with her over it, so I told her that she was NOT to put it in her mouth. I could hear Addi talking… She was saying, “I’ll keep you safe. You won’t fall. You be OK. You stay here,” and other random stuff like that. Assuming she had made a fort out of pillows on our bed for her paci again I went into our room to check and nope. She had made a fort around Sam and was telling her she would keep her protected, etc. I asked what she was doing and she said making sure Sam didn’t fall and was safe. I was a bit humbled, because I assumed all the attention was over the paci and nope, she was keeping her sister safe instead. She is so sweet and loves Sam so much it can melt your heart.

Now, I could end the story there and we would all leave with a warm, fuzzy feeling in our guts over sisterly love. But really, that’s not me.

When I picked Sam up to head downstairs, what did I find? Two paci’s under her. So, while she was worried about keeping her sister safe, I think she might have had an ulterior motive. I’ll let you decide. Me, I’m sticking with my original thought… that Sam is her most prized possession.

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