Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seven Things...

As you may have noticed, since I've gone back to work my blogging has become.... somewhat... lagging. So, in a move to make myself be more creative, I'm going to write seven things you may not know about me. And believe me, this is a toughy because I'm known to some of my closer friends as a puke mouth. So, here goes.

  1. I am dying to take drumming lessons. Seriously... when I drive in my car I pretend I am a rockstar. The downside is I can't carry a tune, so I try to do this while I'm alone.
  2. I actually like Blue's Clues, Handy Manny, and Hannah Montana. I have on more than one occasion been stumped by what Blue was wanting to play and have on several occasions urged Addi to watch Hannah because I really wanted to. The Wonder Pets are a different story.
  3. I LOVE being a mom, and exactly how much surprises me everyday. I always figured I'd have kids but am not really too big of a fan of other people's. But mine... man I think they are cool.
  4. I judge other people when they use poor grammar and type badly, but I do both of these on a daily basis. Double standard anyone?
  5. I talk daily to people I met online during my pregnancy with Sam. Jay calls them my "imaginary" friends but I really rely on them for guidance and just a sounding board for lots of things. We are even meeting up in person in November. I guess if people can find their spouse online, why can't I find friends?
  6. I have never done a single drug. Never, not once. For some reason people never believe me but it's true.
  7. My brother and I have some weird cosmic connection... like, I'll think "I wonder what Lee is doing," and BOOM he calls. One time at work I was describing this phenomenon to my coworkers and Lee called less than a minute later. Creepy. Or maybe a total coincidence.

Hey! There you go! Seven!

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