Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Jill!

On Saturday we went to Jill Dettman's 3rd birthday party at the Children's Museum in Bloomington. The girls had a fantastic time... first, they got their faces painted, then we had cake, and finally we spent the afternoon playing in the museum.

Addi was a bit apprehensive at first about getting her face painted....

...but soon she warmed up to it and was excited about being a butterfly!

Sam of course was super excited about the entire day and has talked about nothing else since.

The highlight of the day for Addi (and for about 50 other random kids in the museum) was when "Dora the Explorer" showed up. It was odd though, Jill's dad Ron left and in walked Dora! Then, Dora went into the men's restroom and never came back out. Strange.

All in all, a great Saturday!

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