Friday, June 5, 2009

Biting off more than you can chew

It happens. You have kids, and they bite. They bite you. They bite each other. Addison went through it when she was younger - both biting and getting bit, and I completely expect Sam to go through the same stage.

That said, I felt really bad for Sam on Wednesday. I picked her up from school and her teacher pulled me aside to have me sign an accident report. Uh oh. Turns out, Sam got bit by another kid. Cried, got ice, and moved on. As you can see from the picture below, the instigator has several teeth and a strong jaw.

Not wanting to be an over-reacting parent, I told the teacher I understood that it happens, and went home.

Then I picked up Sam yesterday and saw this:

Bite number two. And since the bites are about 6 inches apart, I used my forensic skills (a la CSI) and compared the teeth marks to identify the culprit. Yes. Same kid, but deeper marks this time.

I talked to Sam's teacher this morning and she said so far, Sam is the only victim. They think that the baby chose Sam because she is so quiet (obviously that came from my side of the family). The theory is if the biter bit anyone else, they would hit her back, so she chooses Sam to try out her vampire skills.

Now they are keeping the kids apart and trying to figure out how to stop the madness. I, on the other hand, just looked up baby karate classes. Hey, she only has two teeth, and a girl's got to defend herself somehow.

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