Wednesday, June 10, 2009

300 and counting

For my 300th blog entry I tried to come up with something unique, something witty, something that would really hit home to my many three readers about how much I love being a parent, a wife, and a blogger. I love that having this blog is giving me a chance to document my kids lives and hopefully someday they will enjoy looking back at these as much as I do. And honestly, I have on more than one occasion looked through my past blogs to see when the kids hit various milestones. So the blog has a practical application for me too!

But, as I said, I have been stumped on this. I feel that lately, my kids have been doing less and less random silly stuff and acting more like, well, regular kids. And really, if I can't put a humorous spin on a story, then is it really worth telling?

Then, Addi reminded me last night that a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially pictures of her showing her sister the fine art of running around the backyard. Pants-less, of course.

Here's to 300 more (hopefully) pants-filled blogs!

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