Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Miss Bossy

I love to read. JUST finished Twilight last night after starting it less than 48 hours before. I seriously couldn't put the book down and am totally jones'n for the second book to hit my hot little hands. That moment will unfortunately be put off until we go on vacation in July, however, at the request of my sweet husband. He said that since I enjoy reading so very much that I would enjoy it THAT much more once I could focus entirely on my book while on vacation. He is so smart that I had to agree with him.

Actually, the conversation went more like more like this:

Jay: "Wow, this is why I don't read."
Me: "Huh? Why? Reading is awesome."
Jay: "Sure. As long as everyone else is OK being ignored for days on end while you stick your nose in that thing."
Me: "What? I don't ignore stuff."

[crickets chirped]

Addi: "Help! I'm stuck!"

[I sigh, put my book down, and see this:]

Me: "OK. I'll hold off on that second book for a bit."

Anyway, much to Jay's dismay and my delight, both girls love to read too. Sometimes, yes, it's a stalling mechanism to avoid bedtime, but other times they just really want to snuggle up and read.

The other day, Addi asked me to read this book, and I happily agreed.

She is my own personal Little Miss Bossy and I hoped there would be a great moral at the end of this book. At least, one that ended better than these books.

So, we read the book. Not to give the ending away but basically, a wizard puts a spell on LMB when she bosses too many people around. The spell puts bossy boots on her feet and won't allow her to be bossy anymore.

When we got to this page, Addi yelled, "Mommy! She is missing part of her face!" I explained that LMB actually was looking down so you couldn't see her face. And moved on.

At the end of the book, I looked at Addi and asked her if she learned anything from the book.

[blank stare]

Me: "Well, what happened to Little Miss Bossy when she kept bossing people around? What did the wizard do to her?"

A look of recognition, then horror came across her face.


I'm starting to think that Usborne had the right idea with the python.


Jenny R said...

I read the entire Twilight Series in like 1 week. 2 of the books I finished when we were visiting Norm's home front. I got the same guilt treatment. "Are you ever going to put the book down and come visit?" Trust me...the more you get into the books, the less likely it will be that you will be able to put them down. Take more than the 1 book with you. Even though book 2 wasn't my favorite of the books, you will definitely be itchin for book 3 and 4. :)

life as we know it... said...

i LOVE it! This is TOTALLY what happened with Tate and I while I read all 4 of the Twilight books in less than 2 weeks... could NOT put those babies down! The second one is actually my least favorite, and a lot of peoples... especially if you have fallen head over heels for Edward...hehe :) But, push through it... it gets better after about 2/3's through! And then the rest are just WOW!!!!!!!!! Too bad we don't live closer... I'd so go see the 2nd one with you in November... maybe you'll be back in Indy visiting around that time and we could have a New Moon movie night with some girlfriends :):):) Leave the guys with the kiddos and catching up! Have a great weekend!

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