Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute, but dangerous

Last week was our first real experience with a bully. Well, Addi claims on most nights that she "had a bad day at school" because "someone tried to push/hit/yell at her" but sometimes, Addi just flat out makes stuff up. However, our bully was very real and sported a nasty set of bicuspids.

In jest, I said I would have to teach Sam some self-defense moves. Maybe a half Nelson? Or a quick jab to the throat? After a few minutes of daydreaming of the WWF, I quickly put aside my evil plan for the good of the toddler set. Well, that and I'm not insane.

Then came Sunday and time for errand running. As I was packing up the diaper bag I heard, "OW Sami! Ow! Mommy, help!" and within seconds, Addi came running in.

With a full on bloody nose.

Turns out Sam didn't need those lessons after all.

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