Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stephanie Ralph: Unplugged

I love my BlackBerry. L.O.V.E. love it. And yes, I regularly think I am headed towards a 12-step-program for my addiction. And because my phone has the Internet, I can even look up available programs in my area! Have I said how much I love this thing?

So, imagine my tears when I arrived at work yesterday with only half a battery, went to plug it in, and….. nothing happened. No little lightening bolt telling me it was charging. I had issues charging it at home, hence the ½ charged battery, but just assumed it was operator error. Nope. A quick trip to my car charger confirmed my fears… My phone’s USB port was bad. You know, the part of the BB that is pretty much it's brain stem and allows me to charge it, update it, etc. Uh oh.

So, I called my friendly cell phone provider and told them the issues I was having. They confirmed that yes, I probably had a bad USB port and since this is a fairly common issue and my phone is still under warranty, they’d just put aside a new BlackBerry for me to pick up at my convenience. So I headed to the store after work to pick up my new crackberry BlackBerry.

After an hour in the store (I HIGHLY recommend backing up your contacts! Do it NOW! I mean it!) I happily climbed in my car. Since they just transferred my old battery to my new phone, it really needed some juice. I plugged it into my car charger and…. Wait. Nothing is happening? You can’t tell me my NEW phone is defunct too, are you?

No. It was telling me that my car charger was not plugged in. You know, the one I used to confirm the death of my best friend. Interesting.

After I arrived home, I told Jay what happened. He said, “Oh, your charger here at home is broken. I tried to use it yesterday and it wouldn’t work.” And after a quick glance, I saw that the home charger was ALSO not plugged in. More interesting.

This morning I arrived at work and walked what I felt was my own personal Green Mile. Hanging my head in shame I looked under my desk and saw this:

Yes. That charger was also not plugged in.

So, turns out my phone wasn’t exactly broken after all. My sense of my own intelligence? That’s a different story.

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