Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roadtrip PSA

Jay and I like to test the limits of my car. Namely, it's speedometer. We've been lucky and only been pulled over a few times but walk a fine line on long trips. But basically if the kids are asleep, we are going FAST and we are NOT stopping for anything. Even when Mommy has to potty. Even if Mommy is BEGGING to stop. Seriously, we don't stop.

On Sunday we were about 10 minutes from our house when I passed a state trooper. However, I KNOW I was only going about seven MPH over the speed limit (love cruise control) and was surprised when he pulled me over.

Addi asked why we were stopping and Jay, in a VERY annoyed voice, explained to her that Mommy was going too fast and was in trouble. And rolled his eyes in a way I find endearing when done by a certain three year old. Not so endearing with the hubs.

After I rolled my window down to get my punishment, the trooper kindly explained that he pulled us over because my passenger (Jay) was improperly wearing his seat belt.

It's hard to say I told you so, as you hand over $55 for your ticket. Hard, but not impossible.

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