Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say "CHEESE" Please!

This year for Christmas, Sam only wantd one thing for Christmas.  Cheese.  When she sat on Santa's lap, she said she wanted cheese.  When people in random stores asked what she wanted... Cheese. 

Adorable... Sweet... And kind of tricky when it comes to buying gifts!  Even strolls down the toy aisle to find something else she'd like in addition to cheese and she'd say, "Nope, I just want cheese."

Apparently Santa didn't get the memo.  So Christmas morning Sam opened her first gift from Santa - a Barbie and a Barbie car.  And instead of smiles, she started crying, saying, "But I asked Santa for CHEESE!"

Luckily we had the good idea to check the fridge.  There, we found her most wanted gift.  There, on the Santa plate where the girls left cookies, was Sam's cheese.  Kraft singles never looked so sweet.

Once the cheese was found, Sam enjoyed the rest of her gifts.  An American Girl Bitty Baby (with matching PJs for her) and the Barbie car are well loved now!

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