Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sr. Mary What??

One of the cool things about Addi's going to a Catholic school is her new found love of God. It's really neat to be driving down the road and hear random things from her, like "Did you know God made everything?" and "I love Jesus!" Even though Jay and I grew up and are still Catholic, we don't do the best job of integrating it into our lives. But having Addi learn about it daily really helps us pull it back to the forefront.

All of the kids get a chance during the year to have breakfast at the rectory after mass, and last Friday was Addi's chance. And I absolutely loved that the school secretary extraordinaire sent home the picture of Addi - because you can SEE how excited she was.

She also came home and said, "Guess what! I want to be a sister when I grow up! Father gave me a "sister" name, it's Sister Mary Dominic!"

I asked why she wants to be a nun and she said, "Because I love God so much."

Who knows... She could be the first Justin Beiber Fan Club president nun. It could happen!

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