Monday, January 11, 2010

More or Less

Since pre-New Years I have been excited for my New Years resolutions.  I want to really try to stick to them this year... the last thing I want is to resolve to change the world and do nothing but eat ice cream for 12 months!

I have no idea what I claimed as my resolutions last year. I’m sure there was something about weight loss and something about being a better person – there usually is. But, this year I really have put a lot of thought into this – it’s not only the beginning of a year but a beginning of a decade.

And, when it all comes down to it, my resolutions boil down to one simple phrase:  More or Less.  More quality, less waste.

More quality time with the girls.
Less wasted Saturdays, worrying about cleaning the house when I could be playing with the kids.

More quality time in the kitchen, eating nutritious foods.
Less waste in my food and drink choices (like, less coffee and more water. GROAN.)

More doing the right things, like actually brushing my teeth twice a day and taking vitamins and medicines when I'm supposed to.
Less excuses on why I can't do simple things to keep me zit-free and healthy.

More quality downtime, reading good books and my latest purchase, the Bible (stay tuned for more info on THAT).
Less wasted time on the net – less e! online and Perez Hilton.

More quality time with Jay.
Less wasted time nagging and fighting over petty stuff.

Overall, a more quality life.
Less wasted time.  Life is too short to miss the good stuff.

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