Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My little lady

Last weekend as a special treat Addi and I went to see the Princess and the Frog. It was her first real movie at a theater (much like bad high school dates I don’t “count” the first one because it was so terrible) so she was pretty stoked to go.

She got dressed up, we flat ironed her hair (in an attempt to look human, not prissy, I promise) and she picked out princess stick on earrings to go with her ensemble. She looked adorable and was thrilled when her friend Jillian came to pick her up.

She did pretty well at the movie and I only had to tell her to whisper about 35 times. She loved the popcorn and saved her meltdown for immediately following the movie, where she threw herself to the ground, wailing and gnashing her teeth about some injustice that had been done to her (I wouldn’t let her play air hockey).

After we got home she was even more excited to tell Jay all about her big girl date. All night long we played princess and tea party… She even kissed me 50 times and said, “Oh, we are frogs now! Oh, now we are people again!” It was very cute.

To wrap up her princess-filled day she handed me a tiny piece of paper. Expecting it to be something cute like fairy dust or a love letter, I asked her what it was and where she got it.

She said, “Oh, I just pulled that out of my butt.”

I promise she had her pinky up while she handed it to me. Just like a princess would.

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