Friday, February 20, 2009


Addi knows her colors. She will name them and also let me know what outfits she likes, based on color. Her favorite (this week, anyway) is PINK.

However, I have noticed lately that Addi is colorblind. And it's this kind of colorblindness I hope she never ever gets over.

A while back, Addi and I headed to Walmart to pick up a few things. Once inside we ran into a friend of mine and we stopped to chat. Addi looked over and yelled, "There's Daddy!" and started waving like crazy towards the center of the store.

I looked that way, and saw who she was waving at. It was a man... approximately the same age as Jay. He was also heavy-set like Jay and was wearing glasses.

You could see a resemblance. Except for one major difference. This man was African American.

And Addi didn't even notice the first thing many people would see. To her, he was just a guy who looked like Daddy because of his glasses and size.

Food for thought......

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... said...

great story, you should print that off and put it in her scrapbook or something so she can read it someday. good job, Mommy! Hey --- did you ever get you CD???

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