Thursday, February 26, 2009

40 Long Days

For us Catholics, Lent started yesterday. And I use the term "Catholics" loosely in my case. I am turning into a Chr-eester Catholic (only going to church on Christmas and Easter, with a few random Sundays thrown in for good measure). It's just so easy to skip with two kids who don't like sitting still for an hour - we end up spending 1/2 the time disciplining Addi, which seems a bit contradictory.

However, we have started to see a need for us to pick church back up. A little while back, Addi and I were looking through Sam's scrapbook pages and came to her Baptism page. Addi pointed right at Father Tony and proudly proclaimed, "Look mommy! It's Jesus!"

Now, I could be happy that she knows who Jesus is. Or I could be concerned that she thinks the priest is him. I went with happy.

So, with Lent starting yesterday, Jay and I did well with the not eating meat part. He loves fish and it goes well on our diet, so that's not a terrible struggle. The harder part is deciding what to give up for Lent. We always try to add "Going to Church" as one of our sacrifices, but picking something else is always hard for me.

So, I thought long and hard about this. What is a bad habit I have that I want to give up? What is something that drives Jay CRAZY and causes fights on a regular basis?

My BlackBerry. Namely, me talking on it all the time, especially while I'm driving. It's like a nervous tick for me. I pick it up constantly. Now granted, I do get to actually talk to my parents and friends more often because of this terrible habit. BUT, is me keeping in touch with family and friends really keeping my kids safe, especially if I am rear-ending someone in the process? Probably not.

So, it's official. No more talking on my cell phone while I am driving. Now, if someone calls me I may answer it, but I will not place any calls unless absolutely necessary. This morning I got my first taste of life without chatting, and it was HARD. I had to literally put my phone down five times.

It's going to be a long 40 days. But, I guess that's the point, right?

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Anonymous said...

As promised, I've visited the site. Enjoyed reading all the fun things that the gals have been up to. Good luck with the phone this lent! I must say u looked great today! Whew! Talk to u soon...:


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