Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time Out for an Update

Overall, Addi's behavior has made some great strides in the last week. She is listening more and overall being a better kid. And although we love her regardless I admit I love her a TEENSY bit more when she's not biting my butt while I'm holding her in time out with my legs.

Today, however, was a bit of setback. Addi did NOT have great listening ears and sat in time out several times. But she went to bed in one piece (although she moved her bed across the room). For the better behavior before bed, I am grateful, because it gave me a bit of downtime.

And, I am also grateful that she went to bed because today I have already taken away her dollhouse, Dora table, scooter, doll, and stuffed animals. The guest room is officially full of contraband toys and next on the punishment list was the toy kitchen. And that thing is a NIGHTMARE to move around.

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