Friday, February 13, 2009

Her "People"

A few weeks ago, while in Indy for Addison’s birthday, Jay and I headed out to a surprise party for some friends. We left the kids in my mom’s capable hands and when we got back we asked how things went.

My mom said that it was a very informative evening. While making dinner, Addison informed her that what my mom was making was NOT “mac and roni. It’s mac and cheese.” I’m sure there was an eye roll here as well.

Next Addi told her about her new school. She said that one day she went to time out for hitting. My mom asked what she did in time out.

“I cried, Grandma. I sat there and cried for my people.”

In between laughs my mom asked who exactly Addi’s “people” were.

“You know… My mom. My dad. Sami. Anyone who would love me.”

She’s got people. Good to know.
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