Wednesday, August 6, 2008

All in a day's work...

It's amazing what all can take place in 24 hours. Now, I assume that my household is really no different than any other one with a two year old... OK, maybe I am HOPING that's the case. At any rate, if the following recap sounds at all like your home, leave me a comment and let me know I am not alone. If it does NOT sound like your house, let me know that too and I'll send Addi your way.

Tuesday, 2 p.m.: Addi steals Sam's paci for the 100th time, so I call Jay and fill him in on my secret plan.
2:05 p.m.: Jay calls home, disguising his voice as Elmo. He tells Addi to be good, stop stealing Sam's paci, and to try to remember to pee/poo on the potty.
2:06 p.m.: Addi looks at my cell phone and asks why Daddy's picture is on it while she is talking to Elmo (smarty pants!)
2:15 p.m.: Addi disappears.
2:20 p.m.: I go on a mission to find her - and am shocked to find her on the potty upstairs! Hooray for Addi - she went pee/poo on the potty! Big cheers all around.
2:30 p.m.: Addi gets M&Ms and stickers for her potty success. She also calls Jay to tell him about that and her call from Elmo!

2:31 p.m.: I realize that I just took a picture of Addi -- and she's still wearing PJs. As am I. Briefly consider changing her and retaking the picture to destroy evidence of my laziness... but am too lazy.
3 p.m.: Us three girls go upstairs and take a nap.
4:30 p.m.: Jay comes home, wakes us up, and comments on the fact that when he left this morning we were all in bed... and when he gets home we are all in bed. Do we in fact actually DO anything all day? If he only knew!

The remainder of the evening is somewhat average... dinner, swingset, baths, jammies, books, bed. Jay pats himself on the back for getting Addi to bed by 8:30 p.m.

9 p.m.: Addi is hysterical, wanting out of her room, so I go rescue her. Important note: we lock her door from the outside (lock's turned around) when she goes to bed to prevent her from coming right back out, but unlock it when we go to bed.
9:30 p.m.: After more books, I convince Addi to go back to bed, so we head upstairs.
9:31 p.m.: Addi is again hysterical, not letting me leave her room. She's afraid of outside, and the only thing that will calm her down is if I let her sleep with one of these objects. Take a minute and decide what does not belong in a 2-year-old's bed:

Did you guess the microwave popcorn? Good job! After 5 minutes I gave in and left her to sleep with it. I only have so much power.

10 p.m.: Off to bed the rest of us went.

2:22 a.m.: I wake up because someone is walking around downstairs. Someone who is two. I go get Addi and bring her to our room. She said she was looking for the scary sound.
3 a.m.: We finally fall back asleep after playing "what's that noise" 15 hundred times.

8:30 a.m.: the girls and I make the trek downstairs, where we spend several hours playing give Sam her paci back, get off the table, stop hitting mommy, don't wake Sam up again, and Candyland.

12 p.m.: We run a few errands, hoping to tire them out.

2 p.m.: We return home. I get both girls into the house and begin to unload the car.
2:01 p.m.: I bang on the door and yell for Addi to let me in. She apparently now knows how to lock the deadbolt.
2:03 p.m.: I get back in the house.
2:15 p.m.: I go to change Sam's diaper and can hear Addi moving around the kitchen. Come back out of the dining room and see this:

2:20 p.m.: Clean Addi up from her snack, take off her shoes, and put her down for her nap. And mentally block out the screaming that ensues for the next 30 minutes.
3 p.m.: Hear what sounds like footsteps up and down my hall, which shouldn't happen (with the locked door) so I go to investigate.
3:01 p.m.: Open Addi's door, and see an empty bed. And an empty room. Heart starts pounding.... Open Addi's closet door.
3:02 p.m.: Find Addi, naked, playing in the closet. With her shoes back on.
3:05 p.m.: Put her clothes back on, put panties on her and Coco, and head downstairs.
3:06 p.m.: Seriously consider taking up drinking. Decide against it.
3:15 p.m.: Yell at Addi to get off the kitchen counter, and persuade her to watch cartoons.
3:30 p.m.: Watch Addi cuddle with her sister, and thank God for what a great kid she is.

All in a day's work.


... said...

SOOOO there... I love your blogs!!! Addi & Tate would probably kill us if they were together... we'd be locked out of the house in no time and they'd have a big ol' party in the kitchen... Tate LOVES to investigate the fridge... yesterday I found her eating honey and butter out of the little tubs in the fridge... she had her spoon and everything and was enjoying her honey and butter on the floor... sharing it with the DOG!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!

Jenny said...

I am always amazed at how our girls get into everything and can hear everything EXCEPT us yelling at them not to do something. Just remember that we will look back at these wonderful memories and wish for toddlers again instead of teenagers someday. At least that's what I tell myself.

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