Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stick to your guns

Last night after about 10 minutes of being in her room for bed, Addi started yelling to let her out. Every few months this happens, she begs to come out, says she scared etc. and eventually we give in - especially if she is in danger of waking up Samantha. Then, after a few nights of this we have to work and work to get her sleep schedule back on track.

Last night, she was yelling but not crying, so we decided to stick to our guns and see if she would give up and fall asleep on her own. After about 5 minutes of just yelling, she added kicking and shaking the door to her repertoire, but Jay and I just ignored her. We were about to give in when it stopped! Hooray! We gave it an extra five minutes to make SURE she was asleep, then patted ourselves on the back for a job well done and headed upstairs to bed.

As we got to the top of the stairs, we saw that Addi's bedroom light was on. No problem, Jay QUIETLY opened the door to turn it off and see if she was sleeping in her bed.

And out walked the dog. Not sure how Smokey got in there, but he definitely didn't belong in there. No wonder she was yelling... she was probably telling us to come get the stinky dog off her bed or something. Addi was in fact sound asleep in her bed, but before passing out she was kind enough to spread out a blanket on the floor so Smokey would have a comfy place to sleep.

Lesson learned: account for all animals before trying out your new stick-to-your-guns parenting style.

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