Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swing (not quite) Set

We finally made the swingset purchase and Jay and my dad decided to put it up this weekend. Jay had to work on Saturday so he didn't get home until about 2, and then they got to work. Here is a picture of them an hour into the project... my mom asked Jay, "Do you want me to get you a beer?" (as Addi, two dogs, and my dad all stood in the middle of the mess) and he said, "Uh... Let me get through step 1 first." (Don't worry, there are only 30 total steps!)

The got up this morning and were working by 8 a.m., and worked all day in the yard. The only major mishap was when Smokey ate a piece of the wood. They finally decided to call it a day about 6 with only the slide and a few other pieces to assemble and came inside. Addi didn't mind that it wasn't finished and ran on out, so Jay and she spent about a half hour swinging. She is pretty excited! I was pretty excited that there were no major injuries!

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