Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Backyard Blues

So, as those of us in the midwest know, you can have sun one day and snow the next. I've seen snow in May, 70 degree temps in December... really, the only thing you can count on is that the weather will NOT be what you want when you want it.

That said, Addison is starting to get cabin fever. Last weekend when it was around 60 degrees, she and Jay spent some quality time running around the yard, chasing the dog, eating mulch (Addi, not Jay!) and overall having fun NOT being stuck inside.

Well, apparently now Addi thinks she can go out whenever she wants, night or day, rain or shine, and play. Jay and I have differing opinions but as I have said before, we are not really in charge around here. We are, however, buying a swingset this weekend. That way, at least when she runs, she will always go to the same place.

Here is Addi on Monday. She ran out in her diaper, no shoes, no coat, no cares.

And Jay after catching her and bringing her back in.

And last night in the POURING down rain. Again, no shoes but she did have on pants so that's an improvement. Again, Jay chased her while Justin and I watched and laughed from the window.

Before you call DCFS on us, please note the very expensive white fence keeping her from actually running the neighborhood. And once Jay pooper-scoops, we will no longer have to hose her down before letting her back in the house.

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