Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Managing Bedrest Top 10

Now that I've been on modified bedrest for over a week, I am now an expert. Bedrest is not for the weak. Just thought I would share some helpful hints for anyone who may find themselves strapped to a couch for a few days....

1. Make sure you have wireless internet (and a laptop).
2. Recliners are your friend (especially when your lap space has shrunk to a tiny 3 inches due to a ginormous belly.
3. Use the remote to turn OFF the television every now and then. Really, how much TLC can one person watch without going bonkers?
4. Try to get up at the same time everyday, and shower, brush your teeth, etc. Makes it seem less like a Saturday everyday (and is a lot less gross too).
5. Don't stub your toe on the coffee table 4 times a day. Hopping on one foot is not recommended for those in fear of pre-term labor.
6. Keep sending your kid to the sitter. Bedrest does NOT equal crawling on the ground searching for the missing chicken out of a puzzle.
7. Bring any available phone, remote, pen, paper, etc. to the couch with you... leaping over chairs to answer telemarketers' calls is also not appropriate for the gestationally challenged.
8. REALLY try not to stress. Work will get done, even if you aren't there to do it.
9. Learn to walk through the house with your eyes focused at least 4 feet off the ground. Dangerous (see #5 above) but very helpful if you get irritated with pet hair, shoes, dishes, food, etc. littering your floor, counters, etc.
10. MOST IMPORTANT: Have an AMAZING husband who takes your health and the baby's health as a number one priority, even when it means yelling at his wife to sit down 100 times a day, do all the dishes and cleaning, and do the majority of chasing your two year old. Thanks Jay, you are the best!

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