Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Straight from the two year old...

So, one of the toughest parts (to me) about having a two year old is trying to teach her right from wrong. You don't want her to hit, bite, kick, yell, throw fits... but she does it anyway. When she is at the sitter's house, she is out of your control and you hope she is a good girl. We have lots of talks about hitting and being mean, and hopefully some day they will finally hit home. Sometimes you find Barbie or Elmo in time out for hitting, so I think she knows it's not the cool thing to do.

So, we were on the way to Kim's house this morning and I asked Addi what she planned on doing today. I expected her to say "read", or "play", but no.

She said "Hit." Plain and simple. I said, "Addi, we don't hit do we?" and she said "Yes, I hit."

Well. There you have it.

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life as we know it... said...

steph - we are so there with you on this one... Tate insists that hitting is a sign of love on some days.... ah! okay... so I just watched a few youtube videos from the CF hubbie... oh my, I can hardly see the screen I'm so choked up! What an amazing family... thanks for telling me about! also... hang in there with the bedrest... I know it stinks, but you will have the best reward for your time so soon!!! we can't wait to see pics and hear her name :o)

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