Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update on Baby Ralph & Steph

So, just a quick update... yesterday (Friday) I called to see if I was released from bedrest (per doctor's orders). Because I am still having contractions everyday, the doctor wanted me to come in to have a Non Stress Test (NST) to make sure the baby was OK. Because there were no doctors in the office, they sent me to Labor & Delivery for the test around noon, and Jay went with me to keep me company.

Once I got there and hooked up to the NST, I was of course having pretty strong contractions. My doctor came in and let us know he was concerned with the amount and strength of contractions because of my previous c-section -- apparently there is a danger of my uterus tearing. SOOOO they hooked me up to an IV, drew some blood, and started me on Terburtaline (spelling??) to try to stop my contractions. Then I got moved to a new room and waited.

About 10:15 p.m. the doctor came and said my contractions had slowed to about two an hour so I could go home and rest here (of course, Jay had JUST left to come home) but he came back and got me. I'm now on Terb constantly (makes me shake) and will get re-evaluated several times a week. The goal is to get to 37 weeks (full term) and today I am at 35 weeks (see ticker at bottom of blog for exact date).

Basically, a somewhat eventful day....... Jay and I are SO LUCKY to have our great friends Ron and Jenny... they picked Addi up from the sitter and she spent the night with them, which was a HUGE load off our shoulders.

Now, I rest.

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