Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Headache Goes On

While my dad is in North Dakota, Sugar is back at our house.  And today I was essentially slapped in the face with an awful truth... We are not pet people.

Today, I walked her, then "Sugar-proofed" the house (closing all the bedroom doors, closing the pantry, blocking the pantry, locking up all the trash), then left for the day.  When we got home, we saw that Sugar peed and pooped in the playroom but no structural damage, so we called it good.  I cleaned up the pee, threw the poop in the toilet, and we went to dinner, taking Sugar with us.

After we got home I started getting the kids ready for bed. I cleaned up a fresh pile of cat puke, then  heard Jay yelling for help. I ran downstairs in time to see the overflowing toilet, thanks to Sugar's monster poop clogging it up. 

After the second pet mess of the night was cleaned up, I finally acknowledged the ridiculously annoying meowing cat.  I knew he was out of food so I told the girls I was running to the store.  Addi said, "Wait mommy! Last weekend Sam and I mixed a bunch of cat food in with toys to make a house! You can give that to Bandit!"  Mentally sighing, I went to the basement to find the food. Instead, I found something even more exciting!

Water, pouring through the ceiling, from the toilet, all over the girls toys.

My sea monkeys are so my favorite pet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!! Just when you thought it couldn't get worse . . .

- Kacy

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