Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Twin

This year it really became clear to me how hard it would be if I was an only child. Even though my brothers aren't nearby, it's nice to have someone else who knows what I'm going through when I am dealing with parent health issues.

Because of this, I'm so thankful we have two kids versus just one. Not only do the girls have someone to grow up with and lean on, but it's helpful to Jay and I too. We always tell people that two kids is easier than one because they entertain each other, but it goes deeper than that. Basically, because it gives Jay and I two different people to take care of us in our old age. 

Now, on the surface I would say Samantha will be the child most likely to be our caregiver, should we need one. She's sweet, cuddly, and says sweet things that just melt your heart. For example, she and I were walking down the street, both wearing pink shirts. She said, "Look mommy, we are twins!"  I said, "Oh, yeah, we are! We are both wearing pink!" and she said, "Oh, no, I meant we are twins because we are both beautiful."

Seriously, how can you not eat that up???

Now, Addi definitely has her own charms. She's caring when she wants to be, she's bound to make us laugh, and she should have taught us plenty by then. She doesn't have that empathy that Sam exudes, but she does have one great thing going for her.  There's a darn good chance she can pick me up and carry me around in my old age.  I need to remember that when she makes me mad.

Two kids who can take care of us, make us laugh, and compliment us? We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

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