Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decking the halls

In order to get as much bang for our buck on Christmas decorations, we started putting them up first thing Saturday morning. While I corralled the kids, Jay dragged plastic tub after plastic tub upstairs and we got to work. Addi helped me by unloading every box and asking what ever single thing was. Then, she got creative and decided she knew how to decorate better than me.

Hairbrush ornament, anyone?

Since Addison and Samantha are both SUCH good helpers, we tried to do the big parts while they were otherwise detained. I detained them by taking a nap with them and Jay worked on putting the tree together. I woke up from my nap and found out that the basement flood of 2009 somehow seeped into the plastic tub and rusted the entire tree. Awesome. Good thing Monday is trash day.

Once Jay and Addi were back from the store we got to work putting the new tree together. The girls helped out by staying out of our way. There's just something about a giant box that will keep any kid busy for hours.

When that got old, they helped by asking Daddy 700 times what he was doing and destroying the playroom.

Finally we got to the good part... putting on the ornaments. Sam really enjoyed pulling off every one we put on, especially the glittery ones. We all know Jay's single goal in life is keeping his girls off the pole, but by bedtime Sam looked like she'd spent a rough night at the club.

By Sunday night our house was ready for Christmas. Now, it's time to wait for Santa!

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