Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Mouths

Although it's hard to believe, I used to be quiet and shy. 

No, seriously.

In fact, that there was once a school conference where my teacher informed my parents there MUST be something wrong with me because I was so introverted.

For what it's worth, people also used to make fun of Jay for being too skinny.

Are we the poster children for NOT picking on people or what?

Anyway, these days I am definitely NOT quiet and shy.  I'm even known to be a bit of a big mouth.  Talking, burping, making friends with anyone in a line, telling the same story five times... I am finally comfortable in my own skin and don't mind the gentle joking about my mouth.

It's something I'd like to maybe NOT pass on to the girls, though. 

Unfortunately, they both already have big mouths.

At least, it appears that way in pictures.

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