Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Creative parenting

Having an annoying inquisitive three year old has been a test to my patience AND creativity. Questions that stump us come up daily… Why is the sky blue? Why do Joey and Jack have a basketball goal at their house? Why can’t I have a baby brother named Boner?

We are getting better at coming up with answers more substantial than “because.” But every now and then, a question will come up that totally befuddles the mind. Especially when she wants an answer NOW.

Saturday afternoon, I heard Addi crying. Upon entering the bathroom, I see Addi standing in front of the toilet where she obviously had an accident.

Assuming the tears are flowing because she didn’t make it in time to the bathroom, I said, “Oh, Addi, accidents happen. It’s OK. Don’t cry.”

She said, “No Mommy, I didn’t have an accident. I tried to pee standing up like Daddy. I tried and now my shoes are wet. Why can’t I pee like Daddy?”

I think it’s time I learn the age old answer… Go ask your father.

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