Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wii love family bonding

I expected a bit of rivalry when we got the Wii.  Jay and I can be pretty competitive at times so I knew we'd have a good time playing the games together.  It was an added bonus when Addi seemed interested and wanted to play games with us - almost a view to the future where we can actually do fun stuff like shoe shop together.  She's finally learning to wait patiently for her turn and once she can pay attention for more than 10 minutes we will be set.

What I didn't expect was for Sam to be more into the Wii than Addi.

Or for her to completely melt down when it wasn't her turn.

Who doesn't love a little family bonding?


jenny said...

Norm just got me the wii and wii fit for Christmas. We'll see how our family deals with taking turns. :)

Mandee said...

Jack always tries to get out the wii board...he loves it! Him and Jason box and ski on wii!

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